Writing a Script for an Explainer Video? Here Is the Right Way to Do It

writing a script

You have 60 seconds to get the mission of your business or startup across. So what do you do? You make an explainer video! But before you head on to brainstorming the animation, think about writing a script first. Because it’s the heart of your video.

To help you succeed, here is your guide to writing an explainer video script that’s informative, engaging and unique!

Keep it short

Almost like your elevator pitch. Look, 85 percent of people will watch a 30-second video entirely, but only 50 percent will watch till the end anything up to two minutes in length.

Forty seconds to two minutes is good time span to opt for. Go over the limit, and people will just get annoyed and shut you off.

The point of an explainer video is to hook your audience, tell them what you wanted and then let them go on with their lives. If you do it briefly, you can’t imagine how grateful they will be.

Moreover, to be on the safe side, put the main message of your video in the first 30 seconds. Plus, don’t cram everything that is cool about your company into the script. Since you will be writing a script that short you have to get your priorities straight.

Talk to your audience

Addressing it with personal pronouns will help. But we’re talking about something more fundamental here – their deepest needs and desires, maybe even ones they don’t yet know about!

Tell your audience how the services you offer will help them. Then understand how you could gain their trust for them to act on their needs. But don’t try too hard as you will come across as too salesy. Instead, simply make friends with them.

Remember, writing a script that is mostly about your company is a pretentious idea that’s doomed to failure. While writing a script that addresses your audience’s problems and only then tells how you can solve them, is what you should be looking for.

Find your tone

Like anything else about your business, your voice should tell you apart. To start with, imagine whom you would like to have as your audience. Is it someone lighthearted or a fan of dry wit?

Yet another strategy to do it is by pinning down your goal. What would you like your viewer to do by the end of the video? How would you like him/her to feel? The desired end result will hint you at the tone.

If you have some cute animated characters, the language they speak should feel relatable to the audience. When you’re done with choosing the tone, you will then chose the right narrator, pacing, and dialogue.

Tell a story

Most explainer videos present a problem and a solution. So your story should opt for that structure. A human that has a problem is always relatable.  Sounds kind of harsh, but that’s how it is.

Long tail statistics and facts aren’t the best content for an explainer video. Instead, show real people or people turned into characters, whom your company has helped somehow.

Use humor

Humor is probably one component most viral explainer videos have in common. Funny content is more likely to be shared – that’s a fact you can’t deny. But writing a script that’s humorous doesn’t always work. If humor doesn’t support your message, then cut the jokes out.

You don’t want the jokes to steal the show and distract your audience from the main message of your video.

Have your call to action

Not pushing too hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say what you want. What’s your call to action? Do you want your viewers to spread a word on social media, to register on your website or to download something?

While writing a script, remember that it should have only one call to action. One that’s clear and direct.

Writing a script for an explainer video ain’t an easy task. The shorter it is, the harder your job will get. But if you stay true to the guide above, awesome ideas will come your way!

Armen Margarian

Armen Margarian is an attorney with The Margarian Law Firm.

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