How to Write a One-Page Business Plan?

The less the better strategy can benefit your business and find its purest manifestation in your one-page business plan if you dare to write one!

Needless to say that without plans your ideas are worthless, period. Every entrepreneur with an idea has to know how to make it look good on paper. That is the jump-start which will determine how bright the future of your business will be. While it serves this vital purpose, for many the prospect of writing one is daunting. Yes, writer’s block creeps into the business world as well.

But the fact that instead of a 20-page plan with charts and tables a one-page business plan awaits, can stir some excitement. Why is a one-page business plan good? It lets you filter your priorities in the process, and communicate it to others shortly and efficiently.

Pin Down Your Vision

What are you planning to achieve with your business endeavours? In other words, let the end shape the beginning of your brainstorming and writing process. It will both make your job easier and will set the tone of your plan upfront. Is it the revenue that is important to you? Or maybe you wish to acquire a one of a kind business legacy?

Mission Statement

After you are done with understanding your vision, it is time to put your grand ideas into a concise and accessible form.  Concentrate on what you need to do exactly to turn your vision into reality.  Filter your priorities, and write them down. This will serve you as a motivating reminder of how you should build your business day by day.

Write Your Objectives

At first, simply make a list. While you might get a bit romantic with your vision, here try to be as realistic and specific as possible. And of course, do not forget to set a timeframe. Think about employee retention, growth and competitive analysis among other factors, and write down what your plans are for each.


As you probably noticed, with each point you should get more and more specific but still spare your words. Your business plan should only be one page, remember? Your strategies should be well thought and developed and communicate the goal of your overall objectives. Get heavy on your marketing plan and sales strategy and anything else that resonates more with your business type.

Action Plan

Yes, it is finally time to get some action going! Everything is written down and you should have the perfect foundation upon which your action plan will rest. While you have your objective and the strategies it is now time to prove how actionable those are. Include mainly some short-term action plans, such as daily tasks. Actions that you are ready to undertake right now but which will guarantee the success of your business in a long run.

Writing a business plan is not an easy task and overly complicating the process is not the best thing you can do.  So, better organise your thoughts, filter your priorities and rock that one page!

Armen Margarian

Armen Margarian is an attorney with The Margarian Law Firm.

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