Why and How to Hire a Lawyer for Your Startup


Starting a new business is a long and exciting process which requires days of planning, researching, branding, setting goals, choosing targets, budgeting and so on. In the wide range of activities, entrepreneurs usually underestimate the importance of legal help, unless they are forced to do get legal help. The lack of attention to startup laws can later become a real headache for many entrepreneurs and lead to legal problems and high legal bills.

The need of legal guidance emerges as soon as the idea of startup formation is originated. A good startup lawyer will make sure that your startup is in compliance with the law and will help you foresee and solve any possible problem related to employees, investors, suppliers, intellectual property and so on.

Here are 3 main areas you will certainly need legal help when establishing a startup:

  • The Legislature: Being aware of the laws governing your business will give you several benefits. First, knowing how your business is regulated will prevent you from being fined for not following all legal requirements and not acting within your legal limits. Second, knowing the law will give you the power to know what you can do and how you should be treated by entities that you deal with.
  • Third parties: Interactions with employees, customers, suppliers and even competitors need to be regulated by agreements or other legal documents to avoid further risks and possible damages. For example, when preparing employment documents and contracts the startup entrepreneur should be well aware of labor laws or turn to a lawyer for legal help not to get in trouble later.
  • Incorporation: Proper relationships with investors or partners are a vital part of successful long-term business relationships. Trust is important, but having clearly defined corporate governance documents is equally crucial when dealing with investors or partners.

Thus, it goes without saying that an experienced lawyer provides value-driven solutions for the legal problems startups are facing. How to hire a knowledgeable lawyer to help you with your startup’s legal issues is another important thing to consider. When hiring a lawyer for your startup the main factors to take into consideration are the lawyer’s experience in the industry you practice and his/her rates and special packages for startups. There are numerous ways to find the best lawyer for your startup, such as asking the ones who have similar legal matters or just doing the research yourself. To decide whether the lawyer fits your needs or not, you should present your basic requirements on the initial interview with the lawyer by clearly formulated questions.

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