3 Weirdest Businesses You can Think Of

People often come up with the craziest ideas to make our lives easier and more fun. This is how the weirdest businesses come to life. It’s true that there are millions of businesses out there serving a variety of target markets.

And so many ideas have actually been used to make money that when you are thinking of it; someone might already be making a profit from it. Still, some of the craziest startup ideas seem to be successfully making their way through the market.

However outlandish they might look, they are in fact gathering a lot of fans and a big customer base. Let’s go ahead and look at some of the weirdest businesses you could ever think of.

Let’s gather for a little cuddle

Cuddle Party is a non-profit education organization founded in 2004. It says it organizes playful social events for adults who want to explore communication, boundaries, and affection. And because there is nothing better than a good hug, people not only speak to one another during these events but also cuddle. And, of course, these are safe places where the attendees can meet and talk to other people and make friends. Well, you might think that cuddling with strangers is not the best idea. It’s strange, yet it works. People come here to practice affection, communication, and non-sexual touch.

Buy me something…well, anything

When was the last time you were shopping online? Can you remember what you were buying? Of course, you can. We usually take so much time to determine what we need or whether we need it or not before we hit the online stores. But what if you bought something without knowing what it is? Wouldn’t it be fun and exciting?

Actually, there is an online retailer that can sell you something without disclosing to you what it is. The product you are going to buy is 100% new. And it’s a mystery item, for you will never know what you have paid for until you receive it. SomethingStore is a mystery online marketplace where you can buy things for at least $10. It can be a handmade necklace, a rare book, or a party game, you will never know until you receive the package. Note that you will never receive products that are illegal to sell in the United States. The company website provides the list of these products to make sure it is not going to sell you anything illegal. What it offers are guaranteed value and guaranteed fun.

Delight smelly friends with an anonymous gift

All of us know someone who smells. MyFriendSmells helps get rid of the stink. SWAGO Scents runs the website. It is a business that sells cologne wipes for freshening up.

The website offers to buy some cologne wipes for a stinky friend, classmate, or even the boss. It says that the days of smelliness are over. In fact, all you need to do is put in your credit card information and the recipient’s address. One cologne wipe costs $1.99, a set of four is $4.99. The delivery will be anonymous. However, it’s not a good idea to order these wipes for your boss. It could work well as a prank to play on a friend.

Final word

With these examples of the weirdest businesses out there, you see how easy it is to create something eccentric. People who founded these companies have looked at their own lives and tried to solve problems creatively and with a sense of humor. In fact, creativity and humor can be the two most important factors that help businesses stand out among others. So, remember things that annoy you most and try to come up with a solution. Let the solution be easy, quick, and really helpful. Try to generate a few solutions for one problem to be able to choose the best one. Do not just go with the very first idea that comes to your mind. Keep brainstorming and analyzing your ideas, reshape and refine them until they seem perfect. Once, you think you have got an extraordinary idea, take the risk to make it happen. Go get your dreams!


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