How to bring Unbelievable Website Traffic to Your Company’s Page

How to bring Unbelievable Website Traffic to Your Company’s Page

You know when you are driving in the downtown of your city at 8 PM and the traffic is so jammed you want to through yourself out of the car? Well, that might be a horrible situation to be in. Expect when the traffic is on your company’s page. Do you know why is digital marketing important for a successful business? All that website traffic is going to do is bring you more customers and more success.

Basically, various algorithms made by search engines in simple words calculate a page rank. Also, page rank is calculated upon the number of links on your site. Those links include Backlinks, Inbound, Internal, External, No-Follow and Do-Follow links. And what happens next? Google and other page ranking sites analyze these links and assign a numerical page rank to your website.

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The page rank can go from 1 to 10. And since you want your page to have the highest rank there are a couple of activates you have to do. Your website traffic is a combination of different searches: referral traffic, search traffic, campaigns and of course direct traffic. In order to bring unbelievable website traffic to your company’s page, you need to stay smart.
website traffic

#1. Just as simple as advertising

What are you trying to reach when you want unbelievable traffic to your website? You are trying to get your site in front of people. And you are also trying to build your brand. Paid search, social media advertising, and display advertising are all great ways of attracting visitors. Moreover, don’t forget to adjust your paid strategies to suit your goals. Think about what you actually want: just more traffic or are you also looking to increase conversions? Every paid channel that you are going to try to use for advertising has its pros and cons.

For example, if you are hoping that more traffic to your site will also result in more sales than you will need to target high commercial intent keywords as part of your paid search strategies. Believe it or not, competition for these search terms can be unbelievable fierce and unbelievably pricey. But as most great and expensive things the payoffs can be worth it. So make up your mind before you take out your credit card fro your cardholder.

#2. Get social on social sites

If you create something wonderful and sit in front of your MacBook waiting for success to come and get you, you might sit there for a long time. It is not enough to produce great content and hope that people will find it. You got to be proactive. And one of the best ways of increasing traffic is using social media channels to promote your content. For example Twitter: it is ideal for short, tempting and snappy links. On the other hand, Google+ promotion is great in helping your site show up in personalized search results and is especially effective in Business-to-Business (B2B) niches. But if you are a Business-to-Customer (B2C) product company, Pinterest, and Instagram, which are considered to be image-heavy social sites, might work for you the best.

#3. Don’t be too dull

If you try to find a magic formula for content marketing success you won’t find it. And even if someone tells you there is one, try it out before you believe it. And that is why you should vary the length and format of your content. When you are not making one fixed type of content you are appealing to different kinds of readers. Spread shorter, news-based blog posts with long-form content in your company’s page. And then also spread videos, infographics and data-driven pieces for maximum impact.

If you are stuck and don’t know how to mix it up, there are some ideas for you. First of all, post a short weekly tip about your niche product. Then post a weekly news bite with a photo about what is going on with your business. After that, you can also write the easiest readable “top 10 helpful” articles. And in the end, you can interview someone in your office or in your industry and make a post with the content you get in the interview. If you like you could also make a video of the interview.

#4. Irresistible Headlines: no one can resist clicking on

The body text of your content is so important I can’t stress enough. But your headlines are just as important part of your content. Without a compelling headline, even the most comprehensive blog post will go unread. So master the art of headline writing. And brainstorming is a great idea when it comes to headlines. For example, BuzzFeed and Upworthy usually write upward of twenty different headlines before settling for the best one: the one that will drive the most traffic.

#5. One-page SEO: way important than you think

Trying to manipulate the search engine rankings is a losing plan. But what you should concentrate on is making your site look on flick for the search engine robots. They will be crawling your website. And more importantly, optimizing your content for search engines is a valuable and worthwhile practice, even though some might stay that SEO is dead. Think about this: Are you making the most of the image alt text? Are you creating internal links to new content? What is going on with your meta descriptions? Optimizing for one-page SEO could help increase your organic traffic.

#6. Not long-tail snakes, but keywords

It is great if you got your high commercial intent keyword bases covered. But that’s not all you can master. What about targeting long-tail keywords? They account for a majority of web searches. And if you are targeting long-tail keywords as part of your paid search or SEO efforts, then you are missing out. You will be surprised how this step will boost your website traffic.

#7. Up the scale to guest blogging

If you are not familiar with guest blogging here is what it is. It is a method used by bloggers to increase blog traffic where bloggers write posts to be published on other blogger’s blogs. And it works both ways: you write a post to appear on another person’s blog. Another person writes a post to appear on yours. And this is actually a great to increase website traffic. By securing a guest post on a reputable site you can increase blog traffic to your website. But it is not all fun and games with guest blogging like it used to be. Standards have changed radically during the past 18 months: spammy tactics won’t work anymore. They will result in rigid penalties. So be cautious.

And commenting on other blogs works too. It is a very crucial process in generating a good page rank. If you are in blogging community you must know how important is to be socially active. Some blogs are Do-Follow: this means that it can help you generate back links to your site by just commenting on their posts.

#8. Guest blogging is a two-way street

Invite others to guest blog on your site. And you know why is this a good thing for you? They are likely to share and link to their guest article, which would bring new readers to your site. And then everyone is happy. The only thing is, as already said, be sure to only post high-quality, original content without links that have spam in them. As Google is getting smarter and smarter it is cracking way down on low-quality guest blogging.

#9. Referral traffic will blow your mind

So, rather than trying to beg and persuade other sites to link back to you, you can create content that just begs to be linked to. There are three major types of referral traffic sources. The first one are links from news aggregators. And you know why they work so good? The aggregators just aggregate links: they don’t reproduce the content. So one actually has to visit the site to get the value and see what everyone is amazed of. Therefore, the incentive to click through is extremely high.

The second referral traffic sources are links in lists of resources. An example will make it clear why these links drive traffic. So, imagine someone googles “best keyword tools” and finds a list from a trustworthy site. As they are looking for a keyword tool, thus the intent is really high, they don’t just want to see the list of tool names: they want to check out the tools themselves. If your keyword tool is right there in that list then “boom”, you got a click. The great thing about this is that it will bring steady traffic month after month. And finally the third one: links in third-party reviews. This one basically works almost the same way as the second type of links.

#10. Make Quora your new hangout place

Quora is great. Not only everyone gets an answer to their interesting and sometimes weird questions, but it also is a great medium for driving website traffic. All you got to do is answer questions on Quora and link the right keywords to anchor content on your site. But don’t forget that this is a place where people ask real life questions and they need thorough answers.

#11. YouTube is not only about Minecraft and Makeup tutorials

If you are looking for free organic traffic to your website, YouTube is your answer. As YouTube is now the second most popular search engine in the world and let’s not forget the fact that Google hearts YouTube, gaining exposure on YouTube could be huge. Creating useful tutorials and videos are not that hard. After all, they will add an immense amount of value. At the end, don’t forget to link to your content through the description of your videos.

#12. Be pretty on Instagram

You might not think for Instagram as a serious place to promote your business, but you should change your mind. Instagram is a wildly popular platform for sharing photos and connecting with others. And not everyone knows how to leverage Instagram to get website traffic. But let’s not forget how many people have built multi-million dollar businesses using Instagram only.

#13. And be professional on LinkedIn

Most of us know LinkedIn as a means of finding another job. But it has changed and is not a valuable publishing platform. For marketing, the content that is already on your website LinkedIn’s publishing platform is a great method. Create a unique, high-quality post on LinkedIn that delivers value and link that content to anchor content on your website. And you will gain all-important authority bridge to your primary post.

#14. Then be inspiring on

Leverage Medium to create intuitive content marketing posts that also link back to your primary posts on your website. You should think of Medium as another authority site domain. It gives the versatility of link-dropping the way that WordPress does.

#15. SlideShare Presentations are coming up

As visuals are very important for making your content easily readable and fun you should start using Slideshare. It gives the opportunity of making powerful PowerPoint presentations that are Google-friendly. And they are increasing your visibility. If you manage to do it right your presentations will go viral and will bring website traffic.

#16. It is more than linking back to you: link internally

Your website’s strength depends not only on how many sites link back to you but it is also affected by your internal linking structure. It helps with SEO, results in a better and more useful experience for the user. And that is the foundation of increasing your website traffic. So next time when you publish content on your page, think of opportunities for internal links.

#17. Interviewing the BIG guys

And when I say BIG, I don’t mean that big. Send out emails requesting interviews to through leaders in your industry. Persuade them into having that interview with you. It might not be that hard: people like to talk about their success. After, publish the interviews on your website. And this is how unbelievable traffic will gather in front of your website: name recognition will boost your credibility, therefore, more traffic. But also, the interviewee will probably share the content, too. That will expand the reach way more. It is kind of like celebrity endorsement, which is an alternative media type.

#18. Responsive and fast! That is what they are looking for

Today, more people than every are using mobile devices to access the web. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and try out your web page yourself. Is your website accessible? Is it comfortably viewable across a range of devices? Would you say that your page is as technically optimized as possible? Do you have to wait for 30 seconds or even more for a web page to load? Make sure to be perfect for your clients. I mean, if you are not, so many companies are: they will just leave you and go to a place where the sun is shining brighter.

#19. A little suburban community

Remember when you and your friends have sworn that you would move to New York and have the perfect life until you die? And remember how some of your friends moved to comfortable family-friendly suburban areas where community life is all in the air? Well, you might be mad at them for that. But your clients will appreciate if you foster a sense of community for them in your web page. People want to speak their minds on subjects they are passionate about. If you manage to create a community into your site you will be able to start a conversation and that will increase traffic to your website. Implement a robust commenting system through third-party solutions like Facebook comments or something like this. And don’t forget to manage your community to ensure that minimum standards of decorum are met.

#20. Analyze your analytics data

As you might know, Google Analytics is an invaluable source of data. And it is pricelessly amazing on just about every conceivable aspect of your site. Does not matter if it is your most popular page to visitor demographics. So, if you want your website traffic to skyrocket keep a close eye on your analytics data. And make sure to use this information to inform your promotional and content strategies. Don’t forget to pay attention to what posts and pages are becoming to be the most popular. And lastly, inspect visitor data to see how, where and when your site traffic is coming from. It will give you tons of help.

#21. What are your competitors up to?

Have you heard of BuzzSumo? Or any other software that helps check out what your competitors are up to? If not, then you have been missing out. These services aggregate the social performance of specific sites and content. And in the end, they provide you with an overview of what topics are resonating with readers at the moment. And most importantly, they are letting you know what topics are making rounds on social media. I think you already know why you need this. If you find out what people are reading you can emulate that kind of content and your website traffic will be moving up.

#22 Webinars can also be fun

Combined with an effective social promotion campaign, webinars are proven to increase traffic to your website. So what you have to do is send out an email a week or so ahead of time to people who would want to attend. Don’t forget to also send out the most important “last chance to register” reminder the day before the webinar. And I am pretty sure that must be a topic you have enough expertise on that your customers would want to come and listen to you speak. The whole trick is to identify the topic and then to create a fun and engaging presentation. After, make sure to archive the presentation for later viewing and promote your webinars widely through social media.

Every now and then you might get tired and stop putting your hard work and full attention into your web page. But it is exactly at that moment when a competitor, standing really close to you, grabs the traffic and pulls it inside its own web page. Don’t you dare close your eyes for a second. Follow these steps and bring unbelievable traffic to your company’s website.

Armen Margarian

Armen Margarian is an attorney with The Margarian Law Firm.

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