8 Ways Small Businesses can Benefit from Mobile Apps

Small businesses benefit from mobile apps

Small businesses or big, their aim remains the same; gain profit. The 21st century offers various marketing strategies to progress in any kind of business. Though owners of small businesses don’t realize the potential of mobile apps, they can really foster their business. Generally speaking, apps can work well for small businesses, but while choosing any app, consider thoroughly whether you need it or not.

Of course, mobility is a must for any business activity. It keeps the business competitive. On-the-go customer and/or employee are there to get involved in your business because he/she needs your service. But for them, you need to have not only a mobile-friendly website but also an app to reach you wherever they are.

Don’t be afraid of the high prices which you need to pay for creating an app. Don’t put it off for the next year or more, just find a right DIY app builder. As a skillful app builder, he/she will get your small businesses on the right path through the mobile. And, congratulations, the time to get your business pushed forward by your own app is ahead.

 Actually, when you get a highly functional mobile app, you will gain the following benefits out of it:

You become known to the wide audience

There are more than a billion smartphones in the world. Therefore, people spend much time on the phone which is great for those who run an online business. If you have your app, the image, name, and logo of your business will appear before many potential customers. Don’t pay much money for expensive ad boards, just make your app customer-friendly and get your audience everywhere.

Help the customer to schedule and remind!

If your business provides some service, such as a beauty salon or a studio, it would be better if the customers could make appointments and/or sign up for classes via the installed app. Also, apply text or SMS messaging to confirm their classes. Some sound notifications are applicable as well.

Escort the customer to your location

Valuable products and services interest many customers. But there is a wide range of goods to choose among and make a final purchase. Your mobile app can escort them to your product and/or service. How? Enable an area-sensitive push message button on your app. Why? While the customer walks near your shop’s and/or company’s location, he/she gets a notification which invites them to the shop. Be sure, that the curious customer will enter and, why not, even make some purchase. Send a thank-you message after his/her purchase.

Make the customer feel engaged

When the customers need some good or service, they do everything possible to find it. If your business can’t be reached quickly and easily, you may lose the potential customer. But your mobile app is there to help you become reachable. Design your app the way to let the customers post their questions, orders, comments and complaints. Reply all personally and make the procedures simple and secure.

Increase the number of your loyal customers

Your app should work in a way as to enhance the number of the second-time-visiting customers. To achieve that loyalty, your app should remind the clients that you exist and provide this or that kind of products or services. Make a truthful and sincere connection between you and the clients through your business mobile app. Keep your customers close to you and loyal.

When your app is your another social platform

Your mobile app should have various social features. Include such features as in-app messaging, likes and sharing photos. As Facebook and Twitter are the most used networks, try to connect your app with them as well. This is a proved effective approach to increase the number of the customers.

Mobile app + website= strong business campaign

As a business website owner you may have asked yourself ”Do I need an app if I have a website? Believe, you do need both of them as one complements the other one. The website attracts new customers but the app makes loyal and devoted customers. When a website suggests huge number of information, the two-way communication between the retailer and customer is maintained by the app mainly.

Direct marketing

Your app is a good source to know much more about your customer. For instance, you are informed about their demographics and also geographical whereabouts. Moreover, you can give a bunch of information in the shape of news feeds, product specification, updated and new features, prices and beyond. This direct marketing is a great advantage for your business.

So, as a small business, you have a great chance to develop and reach good benefits through your own app. Even you can take the advantages which a mobile app can supply for you to attract new customers, increase the sales and make your brand known all around the globe.

Armen Margarian

Armen Margarian is an attorney with The Margarian Law Firm.

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