5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with a Mobile App

Today running a business without IT tools has become hardly productive. Besides running online websites, it’s preferable to have an app for the consumers to make purchases or take different services easily and quickly. Customer experience, also known as CX, is very important for the customers while making a purchase decision everywhere.

Very often, while seeking support through the mobile apps, the consumers encounter various CX problems which hinder them from obtaining the service. The improvement of customer’s experience is a must to have a growth in business.

Improve customer experience or CX

“The sum of all experiences a customer has in their interaction with a company and its products or services.” And to improve the customer experience, it’s particularly necessary to understand these interactions, the positive and/or negative impacts and, of course, the ”environment” of the experience.

The focus of our article is on CX with mobile apps. The app usage is widely spread and growing among the majority of people around the world. They try to download such apps which would bring the best results for their expectations. If compared with the computer, the mobile device can be used throughout the whole day for many tasks to complete. It’s always with the customer. Believe, the customers want an easy, quick and useful experience from any app installed.

Many companies increase their investments in CX innovations. According to the Gartner, this year the customer experience innovations will get nearly 50% of consumer product investments.

So, if you want to build a modern strategy of your business through apps, you should improve CX for your mobile app. The following and beyond should be considered:

Save customers’ time, be short and just to the target point!

Customer’s feedbacks are very important. They help to be informed about the customer’s attitude regarding the app. Feedbacks often serve to fix problems. Make the app as easy as possible to use. It is advised to request feedbacks no sooner than quarterly. If you do that more often, it will wear them out and make nervous. The same can be said for various surveys the app may take. The longer the survey the worse is the experience. But you don’t aim it, do you?

Apply new trends

The app shouldn’t be immobile. It means to stay on the top of new tendencies. Make research from your app to understand the needs of your customer better. Offer newly updated contents like a curated video. This will attract the users to spend more time on the app.

Maximize the customer experience

If you own a shopping app, you can move one step further while collecting data. As a retailer, you can link the payment transaction data to the profile of the individual shopper. This spreads transparency to the online shopping world. When you are aware of the shopping behavior of the customers, you are able to offer more targeted information, services, and discounts, which is a key to improving customer experience.

”Play games” with the customer

This strategy is considered as the under-utilized feature which can bring great dividends for your business. This is a good way to engage the customer in lively discussions, games giving exchangeable points to the customers as a reward. Your ”games”  should evoke a desire to continue and get more points most of all thus staying engaged in your app.

Live chat! Time to talk to improve customer experience 

Keep in touch with your customer through live chat support feature. This is a very convenient method to proactively communicate with your real and potential customers. Through live chat, the customer is sure to get a quick answer without staying on hold. Their problems reach easy and quick solutions. Just stay 24/7 available. Boost customers’ engagement.

It is self-evident that the mobile apps play a great role in involving customers in any business. But to actually survive and get higher benefits out of the app, you as an owner should work hard on the features of the app to satisfy the first needs of the customer. Pay attention to any single point while creating your online business app. Since it is a period of time when the app market is full of various offers, stand out of the crowd and build your unique app empire to provide a positive experience to your customers.


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