8 Things Mentally Strong People Avoid on their Way to Success

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It is not a secret for anyone that mental strength may serve as a key to success. You are probably wondering, ‘’How can I become mentally strong? What steps should I take to achieve this goal? ‘’ Well, it’s not an easy task. It’s relevant to compare this process with building a muscle. You cannot do it in a day. That’s to say, you need to be persistent, work really hard and adopt healthy habits. The same happens when you aim to build ‘’mental’’ muscles. You should make efforts to get rid of all your unhealthy thoughts, emotions and self-destructive habits. If you want to find the path which leads to success, continue reading this article. Take a close look at 8 things that you should avoid on the way to success.

Feeling sorry for yourself

Well, life consists of different ‘’seasons’’. Sometimes it’s raining, sometimes it’s snowing or it’s too hot.  Keep in mind that ‘’life isn’t a bed of roses.’’ You may experience sad and disappointing moments during a certain period of time. You can feel such a great pain, that you may start feeling self-pity. But, don’t do it. Never consider yourself a loser or unlucky person, even if you have appeared in a situation which you think has no solution. Don’t lose your optimism, even the darkest night ends. Remember, you may come across various obstacles on the way to success, but you should always stay positive. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, use your energy to find a solution to your problem. Also, educate yourself to acquire a positive and constructive way of thinking.

Blaming others for your mistakes

In fact, there are moments in life when you face tough times. Thus, certain people choose to blame others. For example, if a person broke your heart, you may think, ‘’my friend is to blame that I suffer now because she invited me to her party and I met him. If she didn’t ask me to join them, this problem won’t exist.’’ This is obviously a destructive way of thinking. In this way, you give other power over you. The wisest step that you need to take is empowering yourself. Train yourself to accept the responsibility of what you say, what you do or what you feel. It’s one of the essential ingredients, which you should add to your success recipe.

Fearing to embrace change

It is true that many people prefer to stay in their comfort zone, as they are afraid of changes. However, this attitude won’t open the door of success for you. Moreover, doing the same thing on the regular basis may lock this door firmly. Thus, you won’t have progress. The way to success is full of various challenges, which you should overcome constantly to appear at your desired destination. Changes bring new opportunities, So what are waiting for? Forget about the word ‘’fear’’ and go for your dreams.

Focusing on things you cannot control

When you experience a storm in your life, don’t waste your precious time wishing it didn’t occur. Instead, make efforts to be prepared for it. Why are you complaining about something you can’t control? For example, choices made by other people or your competitors’ actions. Just relax and stop complicating your life. Take your time and do something more productive.

Pleasing others

On your way to success, you may meet a lot of people criticizing you and not approving your lifestyle. So, are you going to consider their opinions? Are you going to live the way to please them? No, no and again no. Use your courage to struggle for having a life that you deserve. Don’t allow others to control your path and make decisions for you.

Taking risks

As the Russian proverb says, ‘’ if you don’t take risks, you don’t drink champagne.’’ In many cases, you have to overcome your fear and take a risk to achieve success. However, you had better take calculated risks. Thus, before taking action you should ask yourself certain questions. For example, what are the benefits and downsides of making this decision?

Living in the past

As Teal Scott mentions, ‘’to hold on to the past, always creates suffering, even if it was wonderful.’’ Thus, don’t focus on what happened in the past, as you may lose the opportunities that you have now. What you need to do is accepting your past, but never allowing it to become an obstacle on your way to success.

Giving up easily

Consider including this in your motto, if success is what you desire most: never give up, stay focused, stay positive and stay strong. It’s natural to have failures in life. For instance, you shouldn’t lose your hope, if you have failures when starting your own business. If you explore the life path of many successful people, you may come across a lot of pages full of failures. For example, Walt Disney lost his job at the Kansas City Star. The reason was that his editor thought he didn’t have good ideas.


We hope that you will include the above-mentioned ‘’ingredients’’ in your own ‘’success recipe.’’ Additionally, regardless of the difficulties, you may face on your way to success; keep on going for your dreams. In this case, success will knock on your door at the most unexpected moment and fill your life with joy.

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