Tinder Is Now $20 Per Month Launched March 1, 2015

Tinder, the “ultimate” hook-up app is not charging it’s users a monthly premium fee of $20.00 to be able to “like” more than 3 people in any given 24 hour period. The app used to be free and quickly became very popular as it allowed for people to login quickly, do a MASS number of swiping for “likes” and “dislikes” and find a march for a fast location-based hook-up.

Now the premium version promises to include Unlimited Likes, No Ads, Location Changing and Undo Last Swipe. The first 2 are self explanatory.

Location Changing – so now you can plan for your weekend trip hookup ahead of time. Interesting addition. Undoing Last Swipe – let’s say you accidentally “unlike” someone who is actually cute, now you can “undo” that last swipe if you pay.

Let’s see how many people will actually pay for TinderPlus! With a hefty price  tag Tinder in now competing with many other dating sites although it’s suppose to be for one-night-stands. It is interesting to mention that some dating sites have added the swipe-to-like-dislike feature as a paid feature to their otherwise free let of benefits.

Tinder is no longer freeTinderPlus-A TinderPlus-B

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