3 Clever Ideas for Marketing a Small Business

marketing a small business

By the time you find a need in the market and decide to solve it, there will be others, who just like you found the need and decided to solve it. And that’s not all. By the time all of that happens, people might decide that they have a different need that needs to be fulfilled. And this cycle can go on and on. The smart thing to do is to consider branding and marketing as your best friend. Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. If you really think about it, it is not the because of the features of a specific product that we choose over all the others. It is the feeling that we get while holding the product, while walking with that product in the public. Marketing creates the feeling.

Marketing! It is not about what customers want because sometimes they don’t really know what they want. It is about proving them that what they want is only your product. If you are running a small business and are thinking about ways to raise your brand awareness especially for your target market, there are marketing activities that you can take which will get you to the top. Marketing is critical to the survival of the small business. The problem is that most of the departments in your business, for example, accounting, finance, and sometimes even the top management don’t take marketing too seriously and consider it as a waste of money. However, so much depends on the right marketing of your company. Here are some clever marketing ideas for small businesses.

Social Media

We all know how in today’s world everything is moving from offline to online. A strong social presence in today’s marketing world is very important. If your brand is not present on major networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn then what have you been doing? Business to Customer (B2C) interactions have changed from “you need this” to “we want this”. Customers want to be heard, they want to know that you take into consideration their opinions, that their input is valuable for you. And social media comes to rescue you and your company here. Through social media platforms, it is so much easier nowadays to stay connected and more importantly- make meaningful relationships with your loyal customers. And if you think about it, people actually market themselves through social media: hairdressers, doctors, lawyers, etc. Read more on things young lawyers can do to market themselves.

Celebrity Endorsement

As humans, we have the tendency to be influenced by forces or people greater than us. One of the best ways to market your brand/company is to use celebrity endorsement. It is a form of an advertising campaign or marketing strategy used by brands, companies or non-profit organizations. Those involve celebrities or a well-known person using their social status or their fame to help promote a product, service. seducing us with her eyes, we think to ourselves, “If I wear Chanel No. 5, I will be just as beautiful and attractive as she is.” People often look up to the people who are rich and successful. They follow what they do and do the same.

Guerrilla Marketing

You know, when you are just walking in the streets, as usual, calm and relaxed, and then you see a giant cane of CocaCola? That is Guerrilla Marketing. An advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results is what it is. This is great for marketing a small business. Why? Because often it is low cost yet it reaches a highly targeted audience. It is a great way to get noticed, distinguish from the competition. Also through guerrilla marketing, you will earn a reputation for being fun and different. You can get real creative with Guerrilla. Drew Neisser, the CEO of Renegade Marketing said, “Guerrilla Marketing is a state of mind. It simply isn’t guerrilla if it isn’t newsworthy.”

Darren Rowse who is a blogger, speaker, consultant and founder of several blogs and blog networks, including b5media, ProBlogger.net and digital-photography-school.com said, “There are no magic wands, no hidden tricks and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success, but with time, energy and determination you can get there”. Take a look at the most known brands: they used their marketing to the fullest. If you are marketing a small business follow some of the above-mentioned ways and raise your brand awareness.

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