8 Team Building Methods You Have Never Heard About

Team building

Individuals may create a company, but a team may foster the development of that company. No matter what skills and experience each member of the staff has, ability to work in a group is necessary for the healthy working environment. Let’s see what interesting team building methods are applied by leading companies. Let’s take a look:

Team building

First, what is the essence of team building? Its aim is to expose and address interpersonal issues within the group. They intend to improve performance in the working environment. Depending on the type of the company and the field of activity, different team building exercises may be applied.

But, all in all, what is team building? According to main definitions, these activities include:

  • Building effective working relationships
  • Finding solutions for team problems
  • Reducing team members’ role ambiguity
  • Aligning around goals
  • Setting group-development
  • Improving team’s objective performance, etc.

Go-to for office team building

This list of team building activities will help you make your team not only laugh, but also learn and become interconnected.

Beer time

Surely being sober is a part of working discipline, but from time to time it is necessary to relax and have some fun drinking with co-workers. For example, there are companies where team members stay after work to brew beer together once a month. During such gatherings, they discuss current circumstances, future goals, new objectives, etc.

Funny egg smashing

In fact, this may sound ridiculous, but this is truly played. According to the game rules, the employees should crack eggs over their heads. One of the eggs is not boiled. Could you imagine the joy when one of them has an egg yolk dribbling into his/her ears?

Flash mobbing

This is a widely accepted method applied by Disney, Starbucks, Google, etc. It is known as one of the most effective team building exercises. This team building method involves cohesion, surprise, risk-taking, energy, and engagement. This activity helps to have an instant impact, create fun and lovely atmosphere for the whole staff. It is an energized way of working together and create something impressive and funny.  

Yahoo’s food truck challenge

The essence of the challenge is the following. The food truck comes to the office and sees employees cooking and decorating their own food stall. At the end, they complete the task by creating brand name and logo.

Preparing for worst: Escape rooms

This is a rather popular social activity among many companies. According to the rules, the participants need to work together to solve clues, find hidden objects and solve puzzles. The aim of the game is to solve the issue within the allotted timeframe.

Volunteer together

To grow as a team, you may also take part in volunteering projects. For example, you can implement an adopt-a-family program in your office. Such activities will help to get a sense of achievements as a group.  

Workshop challenge

It is important for a growing company to work through problems in a constructive manner. Everyone in the office can write down the issue bothering him/her on a piece of paper. Then separate the staff into groups. Each team should grab a few problems at random and brainstorm solutions. This is a great way to get help, solutions and build a strong team.

Memory Wall

Have a blackboard or a poster to write down some work related subjects on it. Everyone should pick one subject and share memories related to it. The aim is to get people laughing and sharing experiences.

In fact, it is not a must to have team building activities which focus on work. Games also can be productive and motivating. They also help to reveal personal features and behaviors of participants. Team building activities also develop communication, trust, and cooperation.

Activities for organizations

To improve performance, team building is a common approach for organizations. Though fun is an important component, purely recreational activities can be helpful too. In any case, the capabilities of team members should be taken into account. For example, sports are not for every member of your staff. Employee engagement exercises have direct influence not only on the individuals but the whole team and the organization itself. To engage millennials in the workplace, you may apply the experiential learning method. Why engage employees? It is effective for the team and they will enjoy the problem-solving activities. In addition, problem-solving creates ownership. Capacity might be increased as well. What refers to competitive activities, they encourage “a results-based’’ outlook.

If you are a good leader, you should first think about the working environment and how to make it comfortable for your employees. An exhausting and stressful job does not attract skillful professionals. You need to keep your team well trained, so, do not wait. Make the list of your team building activities and apply them.

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