Things to consider when Taking Your Business International

Taking your business international

You have worked enough to built rather successful business inside your state and/or country. The idea of taking your business international is burning in your mind and you have already made a decision to expand overseas and reach new markets and customers around the world. No matter what country you choose as a target market, you should consider some important aspects. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Find your market overseas

To find the exact market you need some research. It should be a place where your market would be in high demand. Clever market research is a key to open the doors of fastest growing and potential markets.

The more people the more cultures

Consider the culture and habits of the people who make up your target market. It is very important for the success of your business. If you find that your product doesn’t meet their interest, just give up and move to another market. You should know how to conduct your business among other markets. To understand the culture, pick answers to the following questions:

  • Do local consumers need your product?
  • If there is a difference in languages, how to pass that barrier?
  • What about religious differences?
  • Do they have limitations over business practices?
  • What ways would you use to market your product?
  • What to do if the target consumers don’t realize your product? They just don’t get the idea of it.

Laws and regulations

Taking your business international means to work under the laws of the target market country. To be legally literate, you should review the following and beyond:

  • Laws on labor and employment
  • Duties and treaties
  • Restrictions regarding import and export
  • Investment and business procedures
  • Requirements for trademark
  • Customs law
  • Tax laws

Of course, for this, you need an experienced attorney to explain the rules and regulations within and outside the mentioned ones.

Create your website

After deciding the language of communication, start building your international website. Build a site which will easily communicate with the customers. Whatever language you decide, don’t forget the international one: English. Include such data which will be easy to understand and right to the point. Perform the product you are going to take overseas. Boost it.

Compatible international prices

After deciding the size of your international market, start a research over your product price. Estimate sales values, the potential number of customers etc. to create your income with a profit. Always follow the exchange changes not to lose. Find the same or similar products in the target market to offer a reasonable price.


No money, no product, no business. Financing plays a great role in any business to launch. Moreover, if you want to grow globally by taking your business international, you need an extra source of financing. For example, in the US the Export-Import Bank of the United States finances the companies which try to expand overseas. Since 1934 this governmental agency has financed overseas sales of US goods and services.

Don’t forget about risks

Unforeseen fluctuations, political and civil unrest, new competitors etc. may put your business at risk. Stay informed about global news to predict the possible outcome not to harm your product. And, of course, the human being is the riskiest point. Before dealing with anyone, try to find the level of trust you can put in them.

Extra plan

Has your international idea failed? Always have your extra plan in the case things go wrong. When you start a small business and try to sell one product overseas, of course, the losses will not be too hard to recover. Consequently, have some more plans to try in other international markets and even in the different aspects of your local market.

Advantages of taking your business international

  • Extension of the sales number
  • You become more independent from your local market
  • Exploitation of corporate technology
  • Become able to compete against foreign companies
  • You improve your potential to expand and grow

Surely, we only touched the surface of international extension. There are a number of other tips and steps to consider and make before taking your business international. Surely, international trade increases sales and profits, enhances a company’s prestige, creates jobs etc. but think twice about what factors to consider or develop before taking your business international.


Armen Margarian

Armen Margarian is an attorney with The Margarian Law Firm.

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