8 Subreddits for Entrepreneurs You Should Know About


Have you ever had a question that was so specific you thought all your Google searches would be in vain? But you tried your luck anyway. And what happened is that you found plenty of answers nowhere else than on Reddit, or as the latter dubs itself – the front page of the Internet. And indeed, Reddit lived up to its purpose.So, what about some subreddits for entrepreneurs? Plenty of them! Listed below are your top picks!


Here entrepreneurs share their thoughts and experience about starting a business. It’s pretty broad, so you will be likely to find what you need unless it’s very specific (keep patience, we’ll get to that as well).

What’s especially great about this subreddit, is that you can ask for feedback on your business plan! And even more exciting than that, you can learn from others’ failure – something not any place on the Internet offers.

It currently has the thread Accomplishments and Lessons Learned Friday, which encourages everybody to share their success stories, giving newbies a chance to be active and veterans to give advice.


Do you need some help for taking your business to the next level? Then visit this subreddit. Here you can find about the trendiest marketing tactics and how to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The coolest thing is that once every four-month entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas which then are voted for. The winner gets plenty of support in boosting the business.


Do you need an angel investor but are unsure where to look? If yes, your journey might very well start and end on subreddits for entrepreneurs, this one in particular.

Here you can get all the news about investment and see what kind of ideas investors are interested in. You will also like their weekly thread “Monoric Monday” – a goldmine of questions and answers related to investment. As the subreddit claims – this thread is your chance to ask any of those questions you’re embarrassed to ask in real life. Finally, a place where you won’t worry about sounding dumb!


Having a startup is exciting but there are times you want to hang yourself. The good news you’re not alone and that you will find comfort in this subreddit.

It has the Share your startup thread, where you can share your current project.

It also has a weekly feedback and support thread, with detailed guidelines both for those who ask for feedback and for those who give it. The thread welcomes general and specific feedback requests – anything from user experience to code review.

But if you’re looking to hire talent, find a client or make a pitch deck – head there as well! You can also get feedback in the instant chat using the /r/startups discord.

As for feedback providers, there are also rules. Vague feedback isn’t encouraged. As you can see, Reddit is about getting things done.


When your enterprise is more or less on its feet, it’s time to spread a word on social media. Different subreddits for entrepreneurs touch the topic of social media more or less, but this subreddit is where you can find it all. It will introduce you to the trendiest social media marketing tactics as well as any updates that hit the social networks.


There is much more to marketing than social media․ Here you will find all kinds of marketing tips and tricks along with industry news.


This subreddit will keep you in spirits, especially when you will feel like giving up. Here you can learn all that’s necessary for maintaining a successful career. From life-career balance to inspirational TED talks.


This subreddit is a good place to go when you think your energy is betraying you. It will help you stay productive when you need it most. That’s right, kill the procrastination!

Learn how others stay productive from others and see what you can borrow for your own daily routine.

One of the habits that successful entrepreneurs have is that they learn every day. These subreddits for entrepreneurs are a great place to start!

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