6 Strange Businesses You Didn’t Know Existed

There are businesses that have been with us for hundreds of years for example restaurants, hotels, taxi cabs. But there are also strange businesses that you would never imagine might exist. When enough people are interested in a weird business, it must be meeting a secret need within society.

Below we have an interesting selection of strange businesses that have experienced unexpected success.

The Anger Room

We can all once get so angry that we could just break something. And if you have ever broken something in anger then you are the perfect customer for the Anger Room. The idea is very simple. There is a room with a few pieces of junk furniture (televisions and other breakables in particular). You just pick an instrument of your choice such as a bat, golf club, etc. and throw them into those items in the room.  You can smash to your heart’s desire. This helps people to calm down, get rid of so many negative emotions and that is why many are ready to pay for this.

Wearable Human Remains

When you first hear this it might seem so strange and terrible.  But wait. This is not just a strange business. Here is how it works: you send in a tiny bit of the deceased one’s cremated remains and the companies will seal it into a glass pendant. It seems pretty simple. Sure there is something to this idea because there are a bunch of places looking to craft jewelry from the cremated remains of your loved ones. For many people, it is a great and pleasant opportunity to have something from their beloved ones who had passed away. Strange businesses seem to be funny, but it is something very special and can bring positive vibes.

Rent a Chicken

How weird this sounds! You may wonder who would do business with chicken renters. The answer is – urban farmers, those who are interested in urban farming. It works like this: interested parties get a few chickens to take care of for six months. This is a trial period that allows them to see how raising a chicken works for them. Many people will go for this as it is a great opportunity and enough time to see if it is really a good fit. Even though this may seem a strange business but believe it or not it works and people make good money out of this.

Hangover Helpers

Imagine a situation where you were up all night partying with your friends. The next day you are suffering from a killer hangover. You are dehydrated, and your apartment is trashed. And the worst thing on earth seems the idea preparing something to eat and then clean up that huge mess. So what do you do is you call the Hangover Helpers. These guys will clean every room where the party happened. They will clean the dishes, pots, and pans, and recycle all of your bottles. Maybe the idea seems crazy to you but it really works.

I Do, Now I Don’t

Josh Opperman was crushed when his fiancée left him after a three-month engagement. All she left him with was the fancy engagement ring he had worked so hard to save up for. He got a nasty shock when he took the ring back to the jeweler to return it. He has paid over $10,000 for it and they offered him only  $3,500. It was then when he started I Do, Now I Don’t. It is basically a website that allows people to sell their engagement rings or any other fancy jewelry to other users less than going to a jewelry store. The site has been an incredible success being one of the many strange businesses.

The Pet Loo

How painful it can be to take your pet out for potty when it is freezing outside! If you have ever had a pet while living in an apartment you know that. Maybe you work long hours and always have to rush home to let them out. Maybe you are a senior citizen and cannot easily make multiple trips in and out of your home. These and some other reasons are why The Pet Loo was invented. It is a square of fake grass, which sits atop a simple waste containment system that you put inside your home or apartment. It is just like a mini-backyard where your pet can relieve himself. People are putting their Pet Loos in their laundry rooms, their basements, on balconies, and even in their grass-less backyards. No doubt the idea is good.

So these were six strange businesses that have worked. The key here is not going only for the strangeness of the idea. If you are thinking about starting a business keep in mind that your weird business has to satisfy a need, even if many people do not realize that they have that need. If you just go for the weird you will fail for sure. The fact that many unusual businesses have worked for others does not change the rules of the game. You have to satisfy a need with your strange business and provide value to people in some way. Wishing you good luck with our new ideas and beginnings.




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