How to Prepare a Perfect Pitch Deck for your Startup?

Perfect Pitch Deck

What is a pitch deck? Pitch deck, or slide deck or pitch slide deck is the very first tool that you can use to communicate to a potential investor in order to help in raising money. The content of your pitch deck, mainly the pitch statement and your whole presentation is what helps the investor in determining whether it is wise to continue on evaluating your business venture.

Developing a pitch deck is very important and by no means easy. It is a daunting task that needs to have a solid structure, coherent and commanding. As such, whether it is your first time to send a pitch deck to an investor or someone who has already presented in front of hundreds of people, you need to prepare the most commanding and compelling pitch deck for your startup.

Preparing the Perfect Pitch Deck

In preparing your pitch deck, there are ten slides where all the key information for the initial pitch deck is included. The first thing to remember when creating a PowerPoint slide is there must be 10 slides within 20 minutes and the font should not be any smaller than 30 points. When creating a pitch deck, the ten slides include:

  1. Title – Business name, your name, title and contact info
  2. Problem – What you aim to solve and the goal to get everyone to buy it
  3. Solution – How you will solve the problem and the means to do it
  4. Business Model – Explain how you will make money
  5. Market Size – Demonstrate the market traction of the business opportunity
  6. “Secret Ingredient” – Technology or whatever magic that will make your product/service click
  7. Competition – Show a complete view of the competition
  8. Marketing – Ways to reach to your customers
  9. Team – Who are the key players in the management
  10. Projections – Provide forecast of the product in dollars, key metrics, consumers, etc in the next years

Other Pointers in Preparing the Perfect Pitch Deck

These are the ten main points that must be discussed on your pitch deck. This will show the most important things that the venture capitalists, your future investors, want to see. But apart from including as many details in the slide as possible, it must be readable and summarized directly to the point. Do not dilly-dally with words and instead focus on getting investors to think about your company’s potential.

When giving the solution, there is no need to go in depth and simply give the gist of it. Explain everything in familiar terms and show as much proof you can of the relevance of your product or service. When you describe of what makes you unique, use less text and as much as possible more diagrams, flowcharts, and schematics.

Using these things is clearly helpful in showing what you can offer and convince them to invest in your project. The goal of the pitch deck is for the investors to be sufficiently engaged so that they will the next step with you. On that note, focus on the core concept and in giving good results of the pilot and beta customers which can truly encourage them.

Armen Margarian

Armen Margarian is an attorney with The Margarian Law Firm.

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