A New Moving Hotel Startup Will Crush Regular Buses


The things we would do just to feel comfortable are out of space sometimes. With the same thought, a new startup is launching later this month: the great Cabin. Do you know anything about Cabin? Well, it is a special double-decker sleeping bus. It has 24 beds: one might call them sleeping pods. The Cabin also has a lounge space bathroom and, let’s not forget the most important of all, WiFi. The great thing about Cabin is that while on it, you can finally get that deep night sleep you were dreaming about. Interested to know more? Cabin will take paying passengers between San Francisco and Los Angeles starting July 14

Startup “Moving hotel”

Cabin co-founder and CEO Tom Currier says, that since buses have a negative brand perception, they are going to name the buses “moving hotels.” You may be thinking now that a startup sleeping bus is not qualified enough to be called as a hotel, right? Well, you would change your mind when you found out about these other features of the bus. They provide 36 inches of overhead clearance. The sleeping beds are full sized beds with fluffy pillows, hotel-style mattress, and comfy comforter. Let’s not forget about the reading light that is provided on the bus, along with an outlet, AC vent, window and a privacy curtain for good measure. Not too shabby for being called a hotel, don’t you think?

Currier also expressed his feelings about the Cabin as follows. “This is the polar opposite of a bus. While it’s technically very much still a bus, walking through the lounge and up the stairs to the beds, it feels something like a cross between a dorm room and a first-class luxury plane cabin.

Nothing great is ever free

And what about the price? Well, nothing great is ever free, right? And it is not even cheap. The Cabin’s buses, as an alternative to travel the approximately 400 miles between SF and LA, cost $115. But if you account the extraordinary extravaganzas that you get while sleeping like a bear in the full-sized bed in the moving hotel, it might not sound too pricey. The bus leaves at 11 PM and gets to its destination by 7 AM. And here is the mind-blowing part: if you are still too sleepy, you can crush in the bed until 9 AM.

A killer seed funding

And do you remember the SleepBus? It was a hit last year with three says of test drives up and down California, which sold-out immediately. Taking into account the success of those trips, by the way, they cost only $45 with more than 20,000 people, Cabin is already rocking it. It became a hospitality transportation company. And can you imagine how much was the seed funding of the startup? As announced last month, a booming $3 million.

So if you are one of those people, who value their time and sleep Cabin might be your miracle. After all, sleep is one of the components of maintaining a work and life balance. You truly want your eight hours of sleep, the moving hotel also provides socks, a water bottle, ear plugs and Dream Water. If you are not familiar with the latter, it is a melatonin-infused concoction that claims to facilitate sleep. I mean, what more do you want? I will only alarm you with this: don’t get up too quickly, because there is a hard ceiling right above your head.

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