Why You should Choose A Startup Over A Corporate Job?

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Let’s talk about a dilemma that might become the toughest one in your career.

Should you work at a startup or a take on a corporate job?  What if you were offered a good position at a reputable company with a good salary?

Most probably you are over your head, but then this startup position appears out of the blue.

You like the startup’s mission, the team but you are not sure whether it’s worth the risk. It is and here is why.

Variety and Opportunities

And it’s not about money but rather professional growth. Of course with a corporate job, you will be better off financially but here is how a startup can reward you.

Working at a startup is a fast paced and diverse experience which wouldn’t let you feel like Edward Norton in Fight Club.

You do one thing after another and advance your skills in the process. Needless to say that the more skills the more opportunities, and eventually the more money. So, put on that different hats and dive into the sea of opportunities.

Everything is a Copy of a Copy of a Copy

Not with startups. That’s probably the top complaint you will hear from people on corporate jobs. Doing one task is lonesome and it makes you feel stuck.

Startups are a real cure for that. They will give you the flexibility to experiment and to play different roles. Isn’t that cool? Wait on to see how surprising the results can be. You might enter a startup thinking that writing is your only forte but will suddenly discover your hidden marketing talents.

More Responsibilities

This hardly can excite somebody, you might think. But in a startup environment, you will be hungry for responsibilities because those are meant to stimulate your growth and not to overwhelm you.

But it’s also about autonomy. A manager won’t breathe down your neck and make you sweat all the time. You will take control over your own work and you’ll like it. You won’t propose an idea with a fear of being turned down. Startups are all about innovation and creativity.

The Atmosphere

It’s much more relaxed, much more casual than at a corporate job. Forget all your worries about dress codes, go on to pair your ripped jeans with a funny captioned T-shirt and head to work.

At a startup job, time flies way faster, because everybody is absorbed with what they love. There is positive vibe all around because of creative ideas and the excited team hustling around. Intrigued? You better be.

Getting Recognition

In a huge company, you will be hardly praised for your work. With startups it’s different. The team is smaller and getting the credit you deserve is much more likely. And it becomes the motivation that keeps you going.

But this has a drawback too. Equally to your achievements, your failures are also going to be in the spotlight.But let’s give it a second thought and understand why it’s actually useful. It becomes an incentive to work harder and stay more focused, as simple as that. Want to get your moment of glory? Then, do your thing right. See, it’s a fair game.

There are other benefits that a corporate job can’t offer. So, it’s up to you to decide which kind of professional experience drives you more.

Remember, money can’t buy it all but doing the work you love and doing it passionately always pays back. Join a startup and see how cool it is to take control of your own success.

Armen Margarian

Armen Margarian is an attorney with The Margarian Law Firm.

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