Naming a startup? Here Are the Best Company Name Generator Tools

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Naming a startup is like naming a baby. No, seriously. Your startup has grown from a tiny idea into a prospective venture – all due to your parental care. You cared and nurtured it long before others could see. But now the time has come for it to be born officially. Naming your business is among the core things you need to start a business. And to do that more easily you need the best company name generator tools.

Choosing a name is never easy. And unlike naming your baby, it’s going to be more difficult because you shouldn’t be the only one to like it. The name should aspire to be memorable and preferably short. And of course, it should suit your baby, I mean startup. Below are eight company name generator tools with their unique advantages each.

Name Mesh 

Name Mesh is perfect for naming a startup. You can enter 2-3 keywords to start. But to make your job easier (or harder if you are the hesitating type) you can also enter 4 keywords and more, which is a feature that many other tools don’t allow. After you’re done brainstorming, turn to Name Mesh to do the rest for you.

name mesh

Advantage: Name mesh does the sorting for you. You can choose from new, standard, short, fun, mixed, similar and SEO-friendly types of names.

Business Name Generator

Works on the same principle. Just type in a couple of keywords and get a list of awesome names to chose from.

business name generator

Advantage: What’s good about this tool that it automatically checks with GoDaddy regarding domain availability.


It’s a user-friendly tool that might fuel your creativity. Although more focused on account software it offers the opportunity to choose business names.

fresh booksAdvantage: Before entering keywords you have the option to chose your industry first. Folks from creative and technology industries alike can find their dream business name here.


Maybe you’re damn lost and can’t think of any possible keywords. Then Wordlab giving out random business names is what you need. Maybe neither will suit your business but can become a foundation for your own creations. It has two name generators – one is for business names and the other for domain checking.

wordlabAdvantage: It has a community. If you sing up with a free account and initiate a discussion in the forum you might get some collective brainstorming going.

Business Name Generators

Before you start generating your own names, take a look at the list available for inspiration with this company name generator tool. It’s a good place to start if you’re lost.

business name generators
If there’s a name you like you can click the magnifying glass icon to see what Google has to say about it. While you can check domain availability by pressing the planet icon.

Frozen Lemons 

A catchy name, huh?

Frozen lemons will help if you’re banging your head against the wall and the deadlines are tight. Go and try out this tools – trust the mission to experts. Fill out the form then chose from options – as simple as that.

frozen lemonsAdvantage: Professionals are going to take the matter into their own hands. And most importantly, they will present the result in 24 hours! If you’re in a rush, this is the best you can wish for.


It’s always important to admit that you need help. When it comes to naming your company, you will need professional help. Go to Squadhelp, start a contest and end up with an awesome company name.

squadhelpAdvantage: When filing the form for a contest you can put in a number of details about your company that you think the name should reflect. Naming experts worldwide will present their name options. So, you will have a wide variety to choose from.

Choosing a name for your startup is a responsible decision. The process of coming up with a name that’s creative and unique is nerve-racking. That’s why now you have a list of awesome company name generator tools – just pick whichever suits you most!

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