SoloLearn Wins the FbStart Apps of the Year Competition


SoloLearn is a mobile-first code teaching app (iOS/Android) which has become the winner of “FBStart Apps of the Year.” The event recognizes the most successful apps from the global FbStart program. It has received 900 submissions from 87 countries. Teams and developers participated in FbStart for the chance to win up to $100,000 in prizes to help grow their business.

SoloLearn was created by a team of Armenians with the CEO and Co-founder Davit Kocharyan at its head. The team came up with the idea to create an app to teach coding to the locals. However, currently 40% of the users come from India, 25% from the United States and the rest are mainly from European countries.

SoloLearn offers 12 free courses, including Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, Swift, PHP, C#, and HTML/CSS. The app has got over 5 million users now. Over 1.5 million quizzes are taken daily, and each second 3 codes are written within the app. And users publish 1000+ answers every day. The whole idea behind the app is to help users learn to code through game mechanics, peer review, and user-generated content.

According to the CEO and Co-founder of SoloLearn, Yeva Hyusyan, the app has hit two big milestones. One is that it has now become the “friendliest” community of peer learners. And the second is that a lot of times the users generate content.

Some other “Apps of the Year” winners

Mondly a language learning platform and the first company that has used VR for learning languages.

Maya a free app designed specifically for women. It helps track the periods, monitor symptoms, set health reminders, track pregnancy etc. It has around 7 million downloads in 190 countries.

ReservaTurno a mobile app to book beauty appointments.
Golden a global platform that helps people find local volunteer opportunities based on their hobbies and skills.

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