Which Social Media Sites Make Sense for Your Business?

Social Media Sites

Social media sites play a great role in our life. It is a great field to connect and reconnect individuals and people all around the world. However, social media sites have different objectives and one of the main ones is to be a great market for purchase and sale, advertising, etc. If you own a business, no matter big or small, the easiest way to reach to a target market is being visible on social media sites. Surely, their number is great, but there are certain sites which are worth trying to get involved. In this article, we will try to help you choose those social media sites where you will feel comfortable to introduce your product or service.

Benefits of social media sites

In fact, there are numerous benefits of social media sites for your business. Let’s look at some of them:
• The proven fastest and most cost-effective way to increase your business sales
• Your company reaches a great audience
• Increases the traffic towards your website
• Helps to attract the ideal customers
• Your business shows up higher in search due to search engine optimization
• Your offline marketing prospers as well
• You can review and address customer feedback
• You become directly connected with both potential and current customers
• Marketing strategy is very cost-effective


Do you need an introduction to this social media site? Guess no. This is the number one network for people all around the world to share content and connect. Being engaged on Facebook as a brand, you can get to update your followers on exciting news, promote special deals and carry out online contests. Facebook helps to create focused ad campaigns which target certain audience selected by you. To get started with Facebook, you first create a page. Say no to personal Profile or Groups for business needs, because they have limited functions. To boost your page, you should take certain steps. First, you should decide how many times to post per day. Second, what specific time bring high engagement. Or what kind of posts to share photo or video, etc. After getting answers to this questions, you will have a key to your success on Facebook.

What about Twitter?

Are you looking for social media sites offering short and clear updates? Twitter is a good choice. It offers visual content options, text-based posts which are dominant and include links to external websites. Sometimes, Twitter even beats out Facebook especially when people say that they prefer to hear from companies on Twitter rather than on any other social platform. To become the part of Twitter, you should first know how to behave there, i.e. you need to use Hashtags, Retweets, Mentions, Direct Messages, etc. To increase your visibility, you need to post frequently, surely without spamming the selected audience. Twitter offers to business owners to search for keywords related to the business and track people’s conversation. In this way, you understand how your audience interacts with similar businesses and helps you improve your tweet content.

Do you know Linkedin?

Famous among social media sites as a social platform for people in a professional occupation which connects businesses with both potential partners and employees, Linkedin is also a hub for professional networking in many industries. This is a great platform for technology services, public management experts, self-employed individuals, consultants, etc. To build you Linkedin strategy, you should, first of all, decide your business type. Are you a freelancer or do you want to market a business operating under a brand name? Choose your option, and create your marketing inside Linkedin.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of social media sites which is dedicated to the sharing and re-sharing of visual content. It is a platform for inspiration and ideas. Beautiful artworks, stimulating recipes, DIY projects, etc., aim to encourage the users to appreciate aesthetics. Those companies which have strong visual appeal, find Pinterest rather useful to promote services and products. As Pinterest leads to eCommerce shopping, it brings great value to online businesses. The power of Pinterest lies in high-quality “pinboards”. You just need to create attracting visual content, i.e. photography, illustrations, graphic works to represent your brand in a striking way.

Surely, Instagram

Looking for a “generation app” among social media sites?Select Instagram. It is a mobile-based network that allows smartphone users to share photos with the followers. Companies and/or brands which use Instagram gain higher engagement by posting original and creative images. Before starting your journey on Instagram, make sure you keep up a steady posting pace and have enough visual content to maintain your Instagram feed active. To integrate into Insta world, you should first check the list of most popular hashtags to use to get much traffic.
No matter what type of business you run, you can find suitable social media sites to boost your product and/or service. Pick among the above-mentioned ones and build your strong online marketing strategy. Everybody has done it. What about you?

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