5 Signs You Need to Start Working for Yourself

working for yourself

If you are reading this, you are probably fed up with your job. Aren’t we all from time to time? But if you catch yourself constantly daydreaming at your office desk how in the parallel universe you are happily working for yourself – it’s time to take action.

You are tired of feeling stuck. You are a free spirit who wants to find its purpose!

Maybe this time you shouldn’t dismiss your cry for freedom. Hey, what about ditching your job and starting a startup, a small business or just being a freelancer?

But first, let’s diagnose you. If you feel like most of the signs below apply to you then it’s time to bid adieu to your workplace.

Do you hate routine?

Having to go through the same routine day after day drains the life out of you. Even if your working hours are more or less flexible.

If it’s not the hours, it’s something else – constant supervision, performance expectations or even your uniform. If you are an entrepreneur at heart you are likely to be pressured by any rule. You know when you will be working for yourself, freedom won’t be a thing to miss.

Do you like being a leader?

Or in other words – do you have your own way of doing things which are rarely understood by your co-workers and your boss? Your solutions and suggestions raise eyebrows but they work!

Working for yourself will let your ambitions free. For an entrepreneurial spirit, there is nothing worse than having a vision but being unable to realize it!

Do you have much more to offer?

You just don’t feel like you are doing a job that has a grand purpose either for you or for the humankind. It doesn’t make the world a better place and you a better person. You just feel like wasting your precious energy which could have been aimed at something more fulfilling.

Life is short. So if you have a clear picture in mind of what you should do that would fulfill you personally and professionally – go for it.

Do you want to be challenged?

Yes, please. Problem-solving thrills you. And that’s what successful ventures are all about. If performing simple tasks drives you crazy, it’s time to take risks!

If problem-solving a crucial part of your character, then don’t let your job kill it.

Challenges at white collar jobs can dry up soon. You know the way out. Working for yourself allows you not only solving challenges but also inventing and choosing them!

Do you have a big idea?

There is this one idea that’s on your mind all the time.  It’s your only escape and inspiration. Here is my advice – never dismiss it. Let it mature and then start building it step by step.

Big corporations are likely to limit your creativity. They want you to work hard. But what if you want to dream big?

Don’t quit your job right away. Just develop your idea in the meantime. Get yourself in the entrepreneurial mindset. See if you like it, I’m sure you will! Need inspiration? Check out  Elon Musk’s life advice about entrepreneurship to get you rocking.

If your career is slowly killing you it’s time to consider working for yourself. Don’t expect the shift to be easy. After all, it’s a decision that will impact your life dramatically. Know what? It’s totally worth it. Good luck!

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