SEO Writing: How to Come Up with 40 Ideas in 20 Minutes

SEO writing

You are not sure if you know what SEO writing means? Let us just break down the phrase into its component parts for you. First, of firsts, SEO stands for search engine optimization or the process of optimizing a website. This way people are able to find it via search engines. The next is “content” by which we mean any information that lives on the web and can be consumed on the web as well. Now let us put these 2 concepts together and see what we come up with. SEO content is any content created with the intention of attracting search engine traffic.

The more interesting, attractive and actual your content is the better for you. So if you want to know how to come up with 40 ideas in 20 minutes then keep reading.

Going through some blogs

One of the great ways to come up with ideas for SEO writing is to read some blogs and posts. When you read the material other people created it will most definitely provide inspiration for your own writing. Of course, there are some cons and pros. For example one of the pitfalls of reading other people’s work is that it is really hard to shed your own light on the same topic. After you have read someone else’s view it can be a little challenging to come up with your own.

Go ahead and read titles of blog posts. This can also give you ideas for topics. Keep in mind not to rephrase someone else’s opinion. Just get ideas and inspirations when you read them and create your own thought. Browsing your way through some blogs should give you enough inspiration to come up with new posts for your own blog.

Some ideas from your own work

There are definitely some kind of situations from your own work that could be great inspiration for content. Let us say if your clients or colleagues are faced with a certain problem, it could be that other people encounter the exact same problem. But please always make sure that you respect the privacy of your client, friends or colleagues. You should always ask for permission to use their case on your blog. Writing about your or somebody else’s clients can be quite entertaining. Of course, take care to change names and details in order to protect the privacy of other people.

Writing around the same keyword

Let us say you have a set of keywords you want to rank on. You should definitely think about writing a series of articles about the same topic. Focusing on different long tail keywords you would ideally write slightly different posts around the same keyword.

When writing a post, make sure you are sticking to one topic. In case you notice that you are writing about many things in one post just stop. Sometimes we do not even realize that the post gets quite lengthy and we just create a series of posts in one post. This is when one article idea leads to another one.

Inspiration from current events

Writing about current events is another great way to come up with ideas for your SEO writing. Stay tuned on different news sites (the more the better).  Just install an alert on some specific topics. You can write posts in which you incorporate your view on the news in your niche. Do not forget that you should translate these new messages fitting the exact mission of your blog. Using news as a way to create content is a great idea and this way you stay updated as well.

Google your own keywords

Try to google your own keyword and you can see what other people write about it. Your keyword research has given you input on what words you want to be found for. This is another to get some ideas for your own article. What do you think people actually find if they search for that specific term? The results of the search may inspire you to write something similar, something that will fit in with the present results.  A great strategy is to try to write something that will stand out.

Social media and SEO writing

Believe it or not but social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) is also an inspiration for many content writers. You just go through let us say your Instagram, see some photos and find some inspiration. You feel so many ideas coming to your head. Even some hashtags can make you generate new ideas and come up with fresh article topics. So next time you feel lack of ideas just go through your social media. Your keyword research can provide you with direction on what to blog about. Remember to unlock content around specific words. Do not forget that a word is not yet a topic though. As your blog grows, your inspiration can get weary.

Check out the blogs of industry leaders

Go visit the blogs of industry leaders and read what they are saying. When you see that they are all discussing similar things this is when you know you need to be part of the conversation. You can simply join the topic and provide your own angle. There are some blogs out there that share the most-visited or most popular posts.  So there is a good chance that the top post is an evergreen topic that will continually drive traffic. Your task is simply to take that topic, reshape it, and use it yourself.

Remember that regularly posting fresh content on your site is one of the easiest ways to introduce potential customers or clients to your brand. Make sure to build your article the right way. You cannot just throw a bunch of words on a page and expect people to come running.  And yes read out your article loud when you are finished. By doing this you might find places where the language does not sound quite as clean as it should. We wish you good luck with your SEO writing.


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