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So, this week’s heroes are the Pixomatic team. If you are active on social media platforms, you might have already heard about Pixomatic since it has quite a big follower base: over 23K followers on Instagram and over 125K followers on Facebook. OK, these guys know how to engage their users!

Pixomatic is a layer-based iPhone photo editor. And one of its most awesome features is the smart cutouts that help cut even the hairy edges. Apart from the cutouts, the app has to offer quite a lot to its users, including the duo and art filters, gray effects, and hundreds of animal stickers to create cool photo bombs.

HUNTER Made with #Pixomatic by @simeondukov 💙 #photomanipulation #editoftheday #instadaily

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So, below is StartupLaw Magazine’s interview with Pixomatic co-founder Garik Avetisyan.

How did the idea of the app come to your mind?

Garik: We started as an IT outsourcing team and we were developing iOS products. But soon we realized that it is sometimes really hard to work remotely. There were issues with the clients like not being able to estimate the workload properly. So, after a few months of working under huge pressure, we decided to develop our own product.

We did our own market research and we saw that photo editing apps are in huge demand. So, we simply decided to create something that phone photographers would love.

We launched Pixomatic in March 2016.

Who are your users? And how many monthly active users do you have?

Garik:  Our users are those who love taking iPhone photos and editing them. On average, these are people above 25 years old. We have around 350,000 monthly active users (both Android and iOS).

Where do your users mainly come from?

Garik:  We have the following split: 37% USA, 30% Europe, and then nearly equally Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America.

Which feature do they seem to like the most?

Garik: The first place goes to the image cutout feature, and then comes the feature of adding text and then the one of using blend modes.

Avoid no more selecting hair while cutting out images! #Pixomatic

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How many people are there on your team? What kind of team building activities does your team like the most?

Garik: There are already 16 people in the team. And we love drinking some beer after work sometimes.

What do you do when conflicts arise in the team?


 – Do we ever have conflicts? (asking one of the iOS developers)

 – What is a conflict? (the developer smiling)

We seldom experience conflicts. And we simply talk to one another when we have them. It’s the best way to figure things out.

What do you read?

Garik: If you are an entrepreneur-to-be or you are just interested in management and entrepreneurship, then you can read “Rework” by Jason Fried & David Hansson. I would also recommend reading a novel known as “The Goal” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt.

Could you please enumerate 3 marketing strategies that help you promote your product?


  1. Content marketing: having a good content strategy in place.
  2. Social Media Marketing: being active and engaging on different social media channels.
  3. Backlink building: we have started this just recently.

And lastly, what 3 pieces of advice you would give to entrepreneurs who are just entering the game?


  1. Start doing. Stop procrastinating. Planning is good. But do not plan all your life. You need to get started one day!
  2. If something is not good enough, try to improve it step by step.
  3. Be patient! You cannot do a WOW thing right at the beginning, you just need to fail and then succeed and then again and again and again…

Bonus tip: apply for different acceleration programs and try to find investors (this is new for us, too).Pixomatic

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