MealPal Announcing a Healthy $20M in Funding

Lately, a huge wave of food-on-demand startups hit the market. There are those who deliver restaurant food. And there are those who deliver meal kits. Let’s not forget about those who bring…

startup costs

Great Tips on how to Write Off Startup Costs

You are probably all excited and hype about opening up your business. And one thing that bothers you the most is the thought of all the expenses. Ultimately, knowing which startup costs…

Apple Watch

And Again, Apple Watch Beats Rolex

Once again, the Apple Watch beat most major watch companies in terms of revenue. And the funny thing is that we are not surprised by the fact that the Apple Watch outsold,…

iphone x

Is iPhone X Apple’s Best Phone Ever?

There are certain real-world applications one must take into account: mass manufacturing and pricing being the big two. And what happens when you throw all that out the window? iPhone X happens.…

5 Big Legal Mistakes Made By Startups

Each entrepreneur that launches a startup is obsessed with the idea of having great success. It is absolutely normal to feel an excitement and stay true to your vision of success. However,…


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