9 Outstanding Ways to Operate an Online Business in 2017

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It seems that there are hundreds of new online businesses coming out every day. Many of these businesses also create opportunities for others to find gigs.

Before you start an online business or become someone’s employee online, make sure it’s not a scam.

Also, remember that until you take action and do some work, money won’t flow in your way.

Actually, there are really many ways of earning money online. This article is about a few of them.

Sell books online

If you are a bookworm, then you most probably have got lots of books. At some point, you might not need those books. So why not sell them online? This way, your books will get the chance to live a second life in the hands of a new owner instead of collecting dust on them. BookScouter can help you sell your used books for the best price. You need to visit the website, enter the ISBN number of the book and the system will tell you which website pays the most for that specific book. If you like the deal, you can send the book to that website and get the money a few days letter.

Actually, this can become a useful side business for anyone. It can be easy to buy used books for cheap and then to resell them at a higher price.

Sell clothes online

Do you have clothes from major brands that you no longer wear? I think, we all have some. Well, the good news is that you can sell them online. A website known as ThredUp offers the chance for you to do so. You can get $2-$30 for each item.

Take online surveys

This one is tending to be one of the most popular ways to earn money on the net. And if you work hard, you can turn this practice into a real online business. The reason behind this is that surveys are really popular. Because companies and manufacturers want to know how their services and products are performing in the market. In other words, it’s important for them to see what people think of their products and services. That’s why they pay research companies to conduct market research through focus groups and surveys.

Thus, the market research companies are ready to pay individuals to get their feedback. You can surf the web to see which survey companies offer more money. You can use SurveySavvy or MySurvey.

Also, if you love watching movies, you might also like leaving movie reviews. SurveySpot is a website that will help you leave your opinion about a movie for some really cool rewards.

Sell photos online

An app known as Foap will pay you for the photos you take using your smartphone. The app is free to install. As soon as you do that, your next step should be taking high-quality photos with your smartphone and uploading them to the app. As soon as Foap approves your photos, they will appear in the marketplace. Every time someone buys a photo of yours, you will earn $5.

Also, if you are good at capturing beautiful people and places, maybe it’s worth trying to sell your pictures on stock photography sites. In most of the cases, you just need to sign up and upload your pictures. Every time a user downloads a picture made by you, you will earn a commission on that picture. But make sure you have got a good camera and you get

Capture really nice photos. Some websites where you can sell photos are the following:

Earn money through tweeting

Are you an active Twitter user? If yes and if you have a lot of followers, then you have high chances to earn quite a few bucks. PaidPerTweet is a website through which you can earn money. You need to sign up (which is free of charge) and then tweet messages to your followers about PaidPerTweet’s advertisers. The pay will depend on how famous you are on Twitter and how much reach your messages have.

Become an ejuror

Well, this is not a real juror position. You will become a mock juror to help lawyers and representatives to see what people feel regarding a specific case. This will help them predict what the actual jury might decide. You will need to get familiar with fake online trials and practice being a mock juror. If this interests you, feel free to join eJury.

Sell arts and crafts online

Well, if you are the creative type, then you can start an online business of selling handmade gifts online. One place to sell arts and crafts is Etsy. There are many people who make a living through selling handmade things on this website.

Sell your skills online

You might be good at graphic design or writing nice content. Or you might easily do the job of a virtual assistant. If yes, earn at least $5 for each task you get on Fiverr. Graphic designers can also try 99Designs. Additionally, if you are a logo design aficionado DesignCrowd can be a great place to get logo design projects.

Earn money through testing websites

All website owners want to have user-friendly websites. Such websites usually turn out to be successful. That’s the reason why companies pay people to test their websites. You can earn around $15 for testing a site for some 20 minutes. UserTesting is a website that connects companies with testers.

So what?

These jobs can be short term, and one can complete them really quickly. You should not expect too much money right at the beginning. Instead, it’s a good idea to try doing things and becoming more experienced in working online. Sometimes, a simple hobby can turn into a great online business. This was a list of possibilities; those that you can use starting from today.

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