Microsoft and Adobe Expanded their Partnership

microsoft and adobe

We know Microsoft Corporation as an American multinational technology. It develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and service. And Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American multinational computer software company. So, the two giants announced a strategic partnership almost a year ago. The partnership is around Microsoft’s Azure cloud and Adobe’s Marketing Cloud. And that was only the first step for the two companies. Furthermore, Microsoft and Adobe are moving forward with collaboration around e-signatures and team communications.

Specifically, this deal means that Adobe Sign will become Microsoft’s favored e-signature solution, with integrations into Office 365 and Dynamics 365. On the other hand, Microsoft Teams, the company’s Slack competitor, will become the preferred collaboration service for the Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud.

Microsoft and Adobe being each other’s favorites

Moreover, Microsoft will integrate Adobe Sign into some services. For example, its workflow automation service Flow, and the Microsoft bot framework will be able to talk to Sign, too, in order to check on the status of an approval process. Furthermore, image a user dropping a new template into a specific Creative Cloud folder. Flow will also be able to see this and automatically route the document through the approval process.

Accordingly, Adobe will also make Microsoft Azure its favored cloud of Adobe sign. This means Adobe’s Creative Cloud tools will see deep integrations into Microsoft Teams. And this is just an example. Even more options will be available.

The Adobe Sign integration with Teams, Flow, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook will go live in the coming weeks. Ultimately, the Creative Cloud integration with Microsoft teams will also launch soon. And after that, the integrations into the Adobe Experience Cloud will follow.

Adobe’s VP of product development for its Document Cloud Jon Perera has some expectations. He said he expects that the deal will also make other Adobe products, including the likes of the Adobe Stock stock imagery marketplace, more discoverable. With that in mind, there will be more users. Microsoft and Adobe also expect to do a lot of joint enterprise customer engagements and campaigns.

We know that Microsoft and Adobe share a huge number of customers already. However, their product portfolio only overlaps in a few areas. But that does not change anything. That makes for an easy partnership.

Why does Microsoft not have its own e-signature solution?

Meanwhile, though it comes as a surprise that Microsoft wouldn’t want to build its own e-signature solution. Moreover, Microsoft’s corporate VP for Office 365 had something to say about this.

“As a company, we always wanted a very strong partner ecosystem. We can’t do it all. What’s best for our company is to have a strong partner ecosystem. We do what each does best.”

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