5 Principles of Launching a Successful Mobile App

successful mobile app

Want to enter the game and launch a successful mobile app? You can if you have the right team, the right skills, and the desire to become one of those heavy hitters. The mobile app industry is not that old, yet it has concentrated the attention of masses on it. The excitement of creating something awesome and innovative and the customer-centered approach unite talented people. Often, a mobile app sells itself right after the launch. And people wonder what makes an app successful. After speaking to a few rising talents, I made this list of 5 principles that can help launch a booming mobile app. Here you go:

Predict the future or just be creative

The first and the most important thing here is to predict market needs or the future in general. Or you must be really lucky to just fit in the future with your app. Your idea must:

  • Be cool and creative
  • Solve a problem but not create one
  • Make people’s life easier but not complicate it

You can conduct market research to find out whether people would like to use your product or not. Or you can rely on the little genius that lives inside you and that can predict people’s needs.

Figure out how you are going to make money

In business, you always need to see what is more beneficial for you. If you want to make sure you launch a successful mobile app, you need to figure out how you are going to make money through it.

Be a developer yourself or at least be a geek

It would be perfect if you knew how to code and build apps yourself. This way, you would know what to do and how to do it to get the best product. If you are not a developer, at least you should be a heavy app user. IT geeks know the ins and outs of a mobile app perfectly, so they can predict user behavior. In any case, knowing a little about coding is a must to make sure the developers you hire write quality code. Sometimes, businessmen consider this non-important, but startups CAN fail if the app is of low-quality.

Work hard. Do it in a team.

Hard work pays off. Along with working hard, consider collecting a great team. Depending on the project, you will need to adopt one of the common project management technologies like Agile and Scrum. Also, wise men always say, “Test your app or the user will do that!” In addition, make sure you test your app not only before releasing it but also after. Because there will certainly be something to improve on the app even if it has already gone out into the world.

Go for it: non-stop.

Maybe your first and second and third apps fail, you have to keep going until you succeed. For example, Rovio’s success with angry birds came after 51 failed attempts. Maybe you will run out most of your money until you succeed in that last attempt.

Feeling inspired? If yes, then go for your dreams at all costs. If so many people did it, then you can do it too. Feel free to tell us about your story.

Armen Margarian

Armen Margarian is an attorney with The Margarian Law Firm.

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