Top 10 Killer Small Business Marketing Strategies

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Marketing. We all have been skeptical of the real power that marketing has once or twice or thousands of times in our lives. Believe it or not, there are small business marketing strategies that bring the most unbelievable companies to the top. It is important to remember that customers don’t buy products. They buy experience. They buy feelings. So if you have a product that has perfect quality, has not so high price but you have no marketing strategy, don’t be disappointed if your company does not go forward. Small business marketing is very important. Because if you do it well, one day you might wake up and realize that your business is not so small anymore.

Let’s take a look at Disney World for a second. The company does not sell theme park tickets: it sells an experience. And it is not for nothing that Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is the world’s most popular theme park. The company considers the customer experience with everything they do. Their company overview says, ” The Walt Disney Company, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise…” Also, Disney focuses on creating an experience based around family entertainment. They don’t tell their customers they sell theme park tickets or create animations. Instead, they recognize they are in the family entertainment business and sell their customers the total experience. I mean, think about it. Even the janitor is called a cast member in the Walt Disney Theme Parks. Janitor

Now, it is always great to look at big companies, dig in and see what they are doing and how they are doing. After all, it all is just great experience right in front of you. So you have to take advantage of it. However, you could also follow these 10 killer small business marketing strategies that will put your company on the right track.

#1. Got to focus on your target market

Companies often make the mistake of not defining their target audience or having a very broad and vague one. It is important to have a narrowly defined target group. Because let’s be honest: you can’t possibly please everybody. And do you know what happened to McDonald’s when they decided to please everybody? On of the reasons of startup failures is a product that is not for the target market.

First, you should understand if your product is for both man and woman, and then consider the age factor. For example, Pepsi’s target market are only the 18-year-olds. Impressing, isn’t it? Does it mean only 18-year-olds consume Pepsi? No. But it works well. After, you got to define other demographics, for example, the location of your target audience. Next step will be establishing your brand’s personality after a thorough research. That way you get your product and your message right to the people who would potentially be interested.

#2. Got to have exact measures

Here is something valuable to know. A good marketing plan is driven by strategy. And what is more important is that details and tactics will give the marketing plan the push it needs. So, one of your small business marketing strategies should be having everything ideally numbered and quantifiable. Major and minor details with proper dates should not be overlooked because a timeline is important. Since you would want to see what results your marketing strategy is bringing to you, the plan will help measure your Return On Assets (ROI). And give good importance on concrete goals. I mean, goals like “high product quality” or “having happy clients” are very important to have. But solid goals like “reach $1 million sales in six years” are what you should plan.

#3. Got to set an end goal

What do we usually do? We plan. We plan everything: starting from what are we going to wear tomorrow for the big meeting to where we will go for vacation next year. And it is not bad. Yes, they say “live in the moment.” But sometimes, we need to plan and sometimes planning brings good outcomes. And just like that having an end goal will bring good outcomes to your company. Define it. For example, you want to get publicity for your small business. That is your end goal at this point. So do whatever it takes, generate a certain increase in website traffic, add a specific number of followers on social media, but get it done. Because when you have an end goal, you can start mapping out a course of actions designed to reach your destination.

#4. Got to have an all-star team

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships,” brilliant words of Michael Jordan say it all. If you manage to gather an amazing team, who are able to work together perfectly, you will have it all. Especially for your marketing activities, having one person doing it all may not be very efficient. People get tired. Remember that. But if you have a content writer, developer, social media manager, web designer, etc. and get the right people who understand each other perfectly you might get the all-star team you want. But of course, as a small business, you might not have the recourses to do that. One great way is to use the resources you have. For example, maybe your spouse is an excellent writer. And maybe your partner is experienced with coding. Or maybe you have an intern who is great with social media. Gather those people together.

#5. Got to create value with content

First of all, it is important to understand what is content marketing. Through that, you are able to explain your values to customers and help them understand how you are filling a specific need or desire. Having content marketing as your small business marketing strategy will give you a lot of value. It will increase engagement, will build a community, you will become a trusted authority figure in your industry and a rushing traffic will visit your website or store. If you are interested here is how you can do that. Create content through blog posts, tutorials or how-to guides, write an eBook, make a video, podcasts, webinars, etc.

#6. Got to advertise and not spend much

As you are an owner of a small business, you don’t want to spend a fortune on advertising. A smart man, Jason Parks, who is the CEO of the Media Captain, explains how to advertise your business on the cheap. First, purchase retargeting advertisements for $0.70. Then, consider Bing Ads, which are not as effective as AdWords, but are also 33.5% cheaper. Advertise on Facebook for about $1 a day. And a very important step is reaching out to bloggers and influencers in your industry.

#7. Got to learn SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes continuous dedication and practice. Search engines like Google are updating their search algorithms all the time. By the way, social media sites like YouTube and Facebook have become big search engines in their own right. So, a big mistake of small businesses is that they don’t adapt to algorithm changes or maybe even don’t know when algorithm changes have happened. That may they are losing a great opportunity to get ahead. Your small business marketing strategy should involve SEO and continuous hard work with it. So get acquainted with SEO, play a little with it. You will love it. And if you do, it will help you a lot.

#8. Got to diversify your social media focus

We all use Facebook as a marketing channel for our businesses. It is like a powerhouse. But it is important to remember that other networks are growing as well. Some of the other major players as social media networks recorded small to modest increases between Q2 and Q4: including Google+ (6%), LinkedIn (9%) and Twitter (2%). However, the biggest rises in active user numbers were on newer or less known networks. This trend started Instagram (23%) and Reddit (13%). A good way would be understanding through thorough research where your target audience spends their time most when online and be active in those places.

#9. Got to have a Google Plus local business page

It is a shame that Google Plus has been ignored by small business marketers. So if you are not on Google Plus, do it now. Because you can get ahead by taking advantage of the Google Plus Local. As you know, local online marketing is growing day by day. So you need to develop a business listing on Google Plus Local. And when you are already set up you can post content with local keywords. And users can find you easily.

#10. Got to stay awake

This is true in every situation everywhere. Through life, you may feel like you are doing so great that you can stop for a minute. And that is where you will fail. Revision and review your marketing tactics all the time. Time flies fast and everything changes. There is no right way anymore. One marketing tactic might work today. And it might not be effective anymore in a month. You got to stay awake.

Your small business marketing strategy might involve all of those steps. And it might also involve the only couple. As businesses differ, one marketing strategy might work for you and the same strategy might not work for others. To understand what works for you consult with a business advisor. It can be more helpful and bring you higher outcomes than you might think.


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