5 Guilt-Free Ways to have a Fun Work Life

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Work life is amazing only if you make it so. And also if you love your job. Because when you don’t it can get very dreadful. Think about it: you spend about a third of your life at work. So maybe it is about time you had some fun with it, right? Because life is short and you should get as much fun out of it as you can.

Let’s go over some statistics. According to a Monster poll survey, 30% of those you participated in the survey believe that office celebrations, dress-up days, initiatives, games, campaigns, and challenges have the most potential to make a job fun. On the other hand, the other 29% thought that in-office perks, like free snakes, Ping-Pong tables, and nap pods do the trick.

So, it is in everyone’s best interest to make work life as fun as possible. The only problem is, usually, we feel guilty when having fun at work: as if we are not working to the most potential of ourselves. But there are guilt-free ways to have a fun work life.

Play a little with your workplace design

Decorating your office does the trick. Research shows that wall art helps your mood and productivity. And in reality, it is a great way to get your whole team or department in on the fun. So make your tiny little cubicle your own unique canvas. Brighten it up if that is what brings you joy. And if dark colors are what make you productive, then hang some gothic pictures. But whatever you do, make sure to decorate your office in a way that makes you want to wake up in the morning, hop on your car and get your happy self to your office.

Play a little with your break time

I know it might sound too simple. However, you can be surprised at how many of us have the sit-at-your-desk-and-don’t-leave syndrome. Somehow we get into this fever and forget to even shake our heads. Interestingly, 86% of Americans have that syndrome. So now that you know about it, you can control it. You can make yourself block off some time on your calendar for mini breaks. Get up, shake your body, and maybe hit up the game room in your office. And if games are not for you, take a little walk around the office while talking to your colleges.

You can have work BFFs, too

Do you know what Zachary A. Schaefer, president and founder of the communication-consulting firm Spark the Discussion said? People who have friends at work increase their productivity. Moreover, they are more engaged and are more likely to say they have the opportunity to perform their best every day. So it is best for you and for your company if you have some good friends at your workplace. Also, when things are not all sunshine and rainbows you will have someone by your side. Remember, that it is essential to connect with others on a personal level in the workplace.

Get in on some of the fun

I know that you are worried about having too much fun at work and crossing the line. To take away all your doubts, take inspiration from others to see where the bar is set.
Amy Lynn, a digital marketing analyst at Windsor Circle in Raleigh-Durham, says, “when your antics are judged by a group, you are less likely to cross the line toward behaving unprofessionally.”

So one important thing to note is to have fun with your team. If you slack off that might send a wrong message. Moreover, balance is key. And if you have a running list of accomplishments or a to-do list of your priorities, you can justify your time. Therefore, if you are ahead of where you need to be you can jump into freedom’s hands.

Lynn also adds, that “being an awesome team, working together, managing time, but still not getting burnt out is the only way to show management that having fun while working is OK.”

Don’t leave out senior leaders

You have to get senior leaders involved in some “fun planning.” It is a proven fact that happier employees are more productive. And your work place fun can be more guilt-free if you get senior leaders involved in the big ideas. Trust me they can actually have fun, too. Moreover, when they see how fun it all is, ensuring budgets for future fun activates can be much easier.

Making your work life fun is all on you. If you are motivated to do something about your boring time at work, you can follow these steps and actually make a change. Maybe you need five minutes of fun at the end of weekly team meetings. Maybe you need something else. So find your work-balance on your own and have some fun with it.

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