What Defines Good Customer Service? 7 Things to Consider

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Your business has no future if you keep letting your customers down. Excellent customer service is an absolute must for any enterprise. You know what it’s about – building a relationship that lasts. Make your customers feel comfortable and they will come back and spread a good word.

Just think, customer service really is the most accessible marketing tool. And if you fail to use it, a couple of dissatisfied customers can turn your reputation into a disaster. Leave your customers satisfied and witness your business prosper.

Below are seven sacred principles that make up a good customer service. Customers first, that’s why!

Make Your Customer Service Accessible

Are your customer services available on different platforms? And are those managed equally well? Many services such as banking have gone online, and are working hard on their customer experience since then.

There’s no point in offering help trough live chat, phone, email and every possible social media platform if only a few are managed successfully. Don’t design a mobile app just for the sake of having one, make your mobile app easy to use.

The sole purpose of your social media presence shouldn’t be increasing your publicity. Many customers turn to social media pages when they need help. Still many companies chose to ignore the fact by being unresponsive.

Customers will also ask all sort of questions in the comment section. All those unanswered comments will construct a bad reputation for your new visitor. Instead, a personalized response to each comment is the secret to looking and being professional.

Always Be On Time and True to Your Word

If you have promised a customer to make a call by the end of the week, do it. Set a clear time frame and manage your work process accordingly. If you always return calls in 24-hours, make no exceptions to that rule.

Keeping your promises will bond you with your customers and make them feel appreciated.

Consider Their Feedback

Customers’ feedback is your greatest gift. If you listen carefully, it will help you improve your product and business. But you shouldn’t hope that a constructive feedback will appear out of the blue and rescue your business. You should encourage it.

Craft a survey that would ask them not only about your company or the product but about customer service itself. Come up with methods that are inviting but never imposing.

Know Your Product

Everything about it. Knowing its place on the shelf and the price is not enough. What if the customer wants to know its place of manufacture? You don’t want to make them wait until you check it with someone.

If a customer sees that you are confident about your product you are more likely to win their trust and make them spend. Be ready to present the features of the product to them in all details.

Know How to Talk

Want to know a customer service provider’s worst nightmare? Here you go – a customer who is rude and outraged for no reason or because they had a bad day. Nothing can be as irritating as knowing that you’ve done well but the customer yells at you for nothing.

Just don’t do the same and don’t give up the respectful attitude. If you stay calm, chances are they will feel guilty for acting unfairly and calm down. No matter what, try staying true to yourself and to your job.

Another important thing is to use positive language. Consider the following scenario. A customer stops by your store looking a for a particular product, which currently is not available. So what do you do? You don’t just tell them “Sorry, it’s out of stock.” Your job is to try something a bit more promising. So instead you could tell them when it will be back is stock and that you could place an order for them right away. See the difference?

Read Your Customers’ Minds

Well, at least you can try. You should work on understanding their needs and concerns, especially those that remain unvoiced. This is the hardest part about customer service and requires skill and experience.

A simple tip is to start with personalization because there is not a single person who wouldn’t feel flattered. Things like remembering names and previous conversations might seem insignificant, but they are among the sweetest things you can do for your customers. Consider Starbucks for example, they are masterful at this. You always get your coffee with your name on the cup.

Take Responsibility for Your Mistakes

If you messed up, first admit it then apologize. As weird as it sounds, but many customer service providers are reluctant to admit their faults and start blaming the customer instead. By the way, if you ever want to guarantee your business a successful failure, this is a sure way of doing so.

Of course the fewer mistakes the better, but slip-ups happen. And it’s okay, nothing runs smoothly all the time. If an employee knows how to handle difficult situations gracefully, then the customer is more likely to understand.

Excellent customer service is the key to success of your business. Treat your customers like gold, they deserve it. After all, it’s them who keep your business going!

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