How to find a Good California Lawyer for My Startup?

California lawyer

Have you decided to run your startup in California? It is one of the most important steps to hire a good California lawyer. With the right expertise provided by a skillful lawyer, you will feel more confident on the way to your startup success. But how to find that right one? In this article, we will try to share a good piece of advice on how to find an experienced California lawyer.

What to look for before hiring a California lawyer

There are certain criteria to meet before hiring a lawyer. First and foremost, he/she should be someone who you can trust, get along with, enjoy working with, etc. Referrals are the best place to start. Surely, your lawyer should be competent responsive and experienced with the types of legal issues you will have to face. Actually, considerations for running a restaurant differs from the ones for incorporating a software company, for example.

Does the startup need a lawyer?

There are three major groups which the startups should deal with the help of a lawyer.

  • The government
  • Third parties and the public
  • Each other

When running a startup, it is crucial to keep up with the laws and regulations. It is important to make sure that your startup doesn’t create unnecessary tax liability and you pay the taxes stated by the government.

What refers to the second point, it is essential to be sure that you have taken reasonable steps to control the risks in your interaction with customers, suppliers, users, employees, the general public, etc.

When you form a company with other people, you should establish the rights and expectations of the founders upfront to solve any possible disagreements.

Red flags

It may happen that the California lawyer you have doesn’t ”speak” the language of your business. This means that he/she doesn’t understand the world in which you are operating and has difficulties in representing you properly.

Do you feel that your lawyer is doing something new to him/her? Be aware, as it is unlikely that he/she will be able to do it well and even cost-effective.

Is he/she talking about extra costs? Get rid of him/her. You are looking for cost-effective solutions and results, so you should know what will your case cost in advance without surprising increases.

Where to find

It is common to search the internet or ask a friend to find a good California lawyer. But there are disadvantages for both sources. On the one hand you limit the scope of relevant lawyers, on the other hand, the Internet gives too much info and confuses you. So, what to do? Don’t go very far. Just contact the Margarian Law Firm and get your California lawyer to help you with the startup issues. No need to worry, as the highly experienced lawyers know what you need in any circumstances.

Legal mistakes made by startups

There is no way out in any business type without mistakes. Entrepreneurs, startups, etc. don’t get out without such mistakes. The most common problems may be listed as such:

  • Unclear deals with co-founders
  • Not starting the business as an LLC or corporation
  • Lack of employment documents
  • Not complying with security laws
  • Unclear consideration of intellectual property protection
  • Neglecting important tax issues
  • Having bad terms of use agreement and privacy policy for the website
  • Choosing not right legal counsel, etc.

The most important thing is that you need to find a lawyer who specializes in those unique legal issues relevant to your startup type. Actually, there are many specialties within the scope of startup law. For example, intellectual property, incorporation, internet privacy issues, employment, financing, etc. If you are lucky enough, you can find a California lawyer who is experienced in many areas. However, don’t forget, that your case area should be the priority.

It is high time to get your startup California lawyer and make the law work for your business. Startup attorneys know the right questions to ask to ensure that your business is legally protected.




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