5 Things to Know Before Dating an Entrepreneur

Dating an entrepreneur

Dating an entrepreneur might be like playing with fire or starting an awesome journey or desiring to jump off a bridge at some point.

I mean, the experience can be so diverse and sometimes even annoying.

But if you are really into someone, then it’s worth giving a try. So, what you should know before you decide to date that nerd.

Entrepreneurs got their very own lifestyle habits. And if you want to be with that special one, you need to repect those habits.

So, what you should know before you decide to date that nerd.

They hate lazy people

If they meet a person who is lazy at heart that will most probably be a short-lived relationship indeed. Sometimes, they might get really picky on you forgetting about birthdays, failing to keep promises, or even forgetting about praising them when they deserve it.

They never clock out

Entrepreneurs are not 9 to 5-ers. They work nearly non-stop, so it’s not a good idea to expect them home at 6 pm to watch your favorite TV show. So, how to get him/her attend the date? Because they like schedules, just add the date to their calendar.

However, even during the date, they might suddenly get distracted. It’s all because they usually never clock out, and their mind is almost always busy with something else. Sometimes he/she might be so into it that they might even fail to listen to you or respond you. But remember, this has nothing to do with you. I know, this might feel weird at the beginning but you will get used to it really quickly.

They need to be alone sometimes

Before dating an entrepreneur, keep in mind that they often need solitude. It’s not that they want to meditate or to pray. They just need some hours or even days off from everyone. The main reason behind this is that their brain is constantly processing huge amounts of information. So, let’s admit that they need a break at times. And when you call or text him/her, and he/she is not there, do not throw doubt on their feelings. They are not cheating on you. All they need is some time off.

They get bored quickly

Entrepreneurs hate bullshit and they get bored really quickly. You had better be someone who they can learn something from. They also get bored of staying in the same place for a long time. That might be the reason why they are obsessed with traveling. So, pull yourself together and prepare for some alone time while they are not there.

They are curious

Because of this feature, he/she might sometimes even seem like a 5-year old kid to you. They might ask you a whole lot of questions. About anything! Also, he/she might talk to strangers quite regularly. And you had better not confuse this with flirting. Because to them, it is not flirting, it is talking. Most of the time, entrepreneurs are curious, they want to learn about everything and get answers to anything. This natural urge for information makes them really sociable.

What do you think of this?

Well, after reading this piece, what do you think about dating an entrepreneur? You see, actually, it can be really fun, challenging, and even crazy. However, you might be the one to compromise. Because entrepreneurs do not like boundaries, they adore independence and they despise ultimatums. Do you think you are the type who can cope with all that pressure? Is the game worth the candle? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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