14 Ways to make Customers Fall in Love with Your Business


Let’s talk about love. The love customers can have for your business. But only if you work hard to earn it. Because no customer love is unconditional. Keep reminding that to yourself, because we are used to taking love for granted.

Did you know that it costs about six times to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one? See, that’s why you need their love. On a more personal level, customer love will pull you through the dark days of your business and will inspire you to grow. Now let’s learn how to make customers over the heels in love with your enterprise!

The appearance of your business is key

During every interaction with your customers. Not judging by the looks may be an attitude we apply to strangers but that’s not the case for businesses. The outlook of your website should be awesome, the voice your customers hear on the phone should be delightful, your logo and business card catchy and your delivery person lovely!

Love doesn’t live on if every interaction does not boost it. About 90% of decisions are influenced by aesthetic factors.

Listening to your customers

Arguably the most important skill in any relationship is the ability to listen.

Always encourage customers to provide feedback. That will make them feel appreciated. Explain how important it is for you to get feedback directly. It is always better to fix the issues right away, rather than have your reputation collapse behind your back.

Maybe your customers have some awesome suggestions for your business, ask them to share those. Later on, if you implement those, customers will love you more before you even know.

Not sure what method to use? Take advantage of methods and tools like social media, surveys, focus groups, email and web forums.

Bonding emotionally

Just the way it works with people. Emotional connections are about interests, fears, and desires. Make sure you and your customers are on the same page. Essentially, to bond with someone means to understand them. Dig deep into your clients’ psychology and find a common ground.

It all melts down to values. We feel that instant connection with people who believe strongly in what we do. Share the same lifestyle philosophy with your customers and see how your social media posts will explode with likes and comments.

Keeping things sexy

The excitement in relationships fades away. To keep things working in any relationship needs to stay fresh, fun and sexy! If you go to a relationship counsel with a complaint that your relationship is becoming dull, the first advice will be to try out new things. Same for businesses. You should keep the interaction exciting. Crack a joke and make them laugh. Present a unique perspective and make them think. And never ever bore them.

Being loyal

Loyalty is a two-way street, what did you think? Customers should know that they can count on you, especially when things go wrong. Nothing runs perfectly all the time. The only thing you can do is to promise your customers to have their backs.

Surprising your customers

Those gifts for no reason. Who doesn’t love them? A brief but styled thank you note is a good way to make your customers day. What about a care package? Even better! That will be a word of mouth marketing victory for you.

Rewarding loyal customers

Give discounts and giveaways to those who keep coming back to you. Just think, won’t your loyal customers feel offended if you offer them the same discount as to the new customers? Give your loyal customers the special treatment they deserve!

Interacting genuinely

It’s not just about replying to phone calls and social media comments. It’s more about how you do that. People reach out to your business and expect valuable and personalized interactions. So give it to them.

When possible, address your customers by name. As well as tell your name from the start. Talk to customers politely but don’t be over-serious. Don’t throw a bunch of comment replies which look identical. In other words – act like a human, not a bot.

Keeping your customers up to date

Are there any changes at your company? If yes, your customers have the right to know. Finalize them and present it to them, so they won’t be surprised for not getting what they used to. Fail to do this, and customers will lose the trust in your business.

When implementing changes, there are a couple of factors to consider.

  1. Understand how those changes are going to affect the public perception of your company.
  2. Be methodical when communicating about the changes.
  3. Tell your customers the reason behind the changes. If you messed up, admit it. If you are just realizing a cool idea, tell it humbly.
  4. Encourage feedback about the changes.

Being transparent

There is a petition floating around the web – #GoTransparent: Demand to Know Who Made Your Clothes. It demands global brands to disclose where exactly their clothes are manufactured. Following deadly factory catastrophes, disclosing that information would mean protecting workers’ rights. If your business is not transparent, you lose trust.

Being transparent in just the right way is a skill. Disclose too much information and you will look unprofessional, give away nothing and it will look like you’re being secretive. Transparency is about finding balance.

Understanding what types of transparency your customers value most is a good place to start. Make sure you are not transparent only on one platform. Take care that the same information is available on social media and employee-customer interaction.

Keeping promises

It’s a crucial part of every successful relationship. If you promised to call or email, do it. Firstly, set realistic deadlines for your promises. Secondly, never forget to fulfill them. If you live up to your customers’ expectations consistently, you will build a professional image for yourself.

Expressing gratitude

Thank your customers for being there for you. They deserve it. Positive energy is the best way to keep them coming back. Here also, try to stay personalized. Thank your customers for patiently waiting for problems to be fixed or just for making a purchase.

Being authentic

You should stand out. Your loyal customers might know your well and their love might be unshakable. But what about acquiring new ones? This goes to the first point about the appearance of your business.

But how to be authentic?

  1. Stay true to yourself.
  2. Stay true to your customers.
  3. Be motivated and motivate others.
  4. Be responsible.
  5. Help consumers stay true to themselves.

Create an identity for your business that’s consistently unique and helpful. But never fake it. True authenticity doesn’t come from following dry rules, it comes from deep values!

You know how savvy consumers are today. Just take a look at millennial shopping habits and see for yourself. So they expect to know why you are in the business, what are your motives and what are your plans.

Everything you do should be hand in hand with your mission. Don’t be pseudo feminist or pseudo environmentalist – sooner or later people will find our you’re a fake.

Customers are always right

In short, if you understand and follow the definition of good customer service, your business won’t remain unloved. More precisely, over 70% of consumers love businesses for excellent customer service. Which means being presentable, solving issues professionally, being patient and serving with a smile.

If you chose to operate a business then you know how much of your success depends upon your clients. But to make them have your back you should conquer their hearts first. Pleasing savvy consumers isn’t an easy task, but when you master it a loyal and inspirational relationship awaits!

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