Why is Customer Satisfaction Important?

customer satisfaction

Your business won’t work without customers. Period. And it won’t thrive without satisfied customers. Exclamation mark. I doubt you need a more thorough introduction. So, let’s dive in to see why customer satisfaction is an absolute must.

Loyalty is all you need

For a business to work it needs to maintain long-term relationships with its customers. And it becomes possible only if customers are satisfied time and time again.

And satisfied customers are loyal customers. Bonding long term creates trust, which is among the best things you can wish for.

So, if your customer service is excellent be ready for customers to make purchases in the future. But you can’t just hope for that, right? Business loves accuracy. So, ask your customers to share their satisfaction level with you.

Those who give you above average are likely to return once or twice. But those who give you excellent feedback can become your brand ambassadors.

On the opposite, you should pay attention the reasons behind a lower feedback. If you improve, you can still bring them back.

By the way, keeping loyal customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones. But you have to go an extra mile to let your loyal customers know that you adore them.

Standing out

If you are in a niche that competes for customers, providing awesome customer service is a win-win. Just think, if you focus all your time and money on elaborate marketing strategies but overlook customer satisfaction, who’s going to care?

Imagine that as a customer you have countless choices in a specific marketplace. You rarely will browse through advertisements or their blog. Instead, you will read the reviews, which essentially are love letters from your happy customers.

So, satisfied and loyal customers do not only have your back by making purchases but also by attracting new customers.

Sharing is caring

Satisfied customers will not only be willing to leave positive reviews but also to share your content on social media. If you post something interactive on social media networks, they will be the first ones to respond, not without some adorable emojis of course.

If you keep track of popular posts and how they perform with your followers, you will be able to come up with creative ideas for the future.

Word of mouth marketing

Thankfully, social media hasn’t fully taken over interpersonal communication. Word of mouth recommendations are still huge game changers. By the way, customers unhappy with your business will tell a bunch of people how pissed off they are.

Disappoint your customers and a couple of words can ruin your reputation. Let’s face it, you can bear losing one customer because of some mistake of yours, but not if you lose 20 more along the way.

Don’t get fooled by the good reviews on social media and don’t forget that sometimes people talk face to face. And your business might get into the discussion, so make sure it is there for a good reason.

Customer satisfaction saves you money

I’ve already mentioned that briefly. And since it’s pretty impressive let’s go through it once more. It will cost you from six to seven times to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.

You and your marketing team might be working day and night on campaigns aimed at attracting new customers. And for a moment you might forget to take care of existing ones. You foolishly believe that they will always be there for you. Nope. Put some effort to retain them.

Here are some ways to do that.

  1. Keep your blog informative and cool. When your customers read a helpful and unique piece of content on your website, in their minds they thank you, believe me. Customer satisfaction isn’t always about the product or service.
  2. Keep your customers up to date with any changes, sales, contests that are coming up. And of course send out some special promotions, gifts and thank you notes to loyal customers. And remember – personalized approach always works.
  3. Send out customer satisfaction surveys. Let them know their voice matters.

Customer satisfaction is the bread and butter of most successful businesses. Get as creative as you want with it, just make sure your customers are genuinely happy!

Armen Margarian

Armen Margarian is an attorney with The Margarian Law Firm.

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