What to do if You Have a Crush on Your Boss

crush on your boss

That feeling when you have a crush on your boss though. When you get tingles in your toes and butterflies in your stomach whenever you see him. When you are in despair.

Let us agree that falling for your boss is more like inviting trouble. It is always a good idea to identify whether it is just a crush or something more than that. There is a huge difference between lust and love and you can be attracted to almost anyone you have some level of chemistry with – mental, physical or emotional.

Flirting at work might be sexual harassment. Now let us try to understand what is going on in your mind and maybe pinch yourself back to reality. Below are some tips and ideas about having a crush on your boss.

Losing Your Job

First of all bear in your mind that you can easily lose your job if you choose to date your boss. Ask yourself if you need that. Even though it is hard to see the reality when you are on pink clouds, but it is the first question that you need to answer. It may seem crazy to you but you may both get fired, he might fire you, or you may never want to see the man again if the relationship goes sour.

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Start as Friends

Each of us has experienced people who we met that were great the first two months and then it started. Cases when you suddenly realized had some major flaws that did not come out until something unusual happened. Your boss has sides you probably have never seen. It is normal that he says he is the best guy but you have to really get to know him before you know if that is true or not.

If you truly want to get to know your boss, start as friends because often when we are infatuated we fail to see flaws in a person. Never take the wrong decision of rushing into having a sexual relationship with him. Better let your hormones calm down a bit. On the other hand, love is someone who is always there through the good and the bad. Let the guy prove himself before you jump in bed with him.

Testing Your Feelings

It is important to make sure you are not just filling up an empty space by fantasizing about having a crush your boss. You can check your feelings by starting for example exercising, doing the hobbies you always wanted to do, spending time with your friends as well as making new ones. Once you are happy with your life, it means that you were most likely filling up an empty space.

Talking to Your Friends

A great way is talking to your friends and pouring your heart out.  Friends are more likely to give an objective point of view without judging you because you have a crush on your boss. We are humans and our heart bleeds love. But not always there is space in our heart to let office romance blossom. The most important thing is not to discuss it with your office friends (no matter how close you are) because you would not come to know when this secret becomes a rumor which will hurt you for sure.

He is Manipulating You

Make sure he is not exploiting or manipulating you. Many bosses can take advantage of your extremely diligence and hard working skills.  Hopefully, you will not end up exhausting yourself with this one-sided admiration, where you are being skinned to your bones.

Choosing the Romance

Another point is that if you do choose the romance in the end, then you have to prepare yourself to potentially change jobs or worst case scenario: they may ask you to leave your job.  If the romance goes sour you yourself might even want to leave the job. That is when it is essential to have great friends and also a great network to be able to find a new job. Besides, maybe doing some networking will lead you to a better job, whether you have to leave your current one or not. So start networking before you start dating.

Keep it in your mind that whatever you do, do not ever send work emails where you flirt. They will be saved on the office server. You should better keep flirting to personal phones and emails that you do not open at work. Also remember that people tend to figure out sooner or later when love is in the air and even if you travel to the other side of the planet, you might meet a co-worker or a friend of a co-worker.

Having a crush on somebody and even your boss is normal. They say sometimes love enters our hearts without even asking for permission. Important is to differentiate love from just passion when it comes to a crush on your boss and in general. Stay positive and good luck.





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