Why are Businesses and Individuals Responsible for Securing Personal Data?

The internet has changed our lives in lots of positive ways. But it has its negative sides as well. Internet users might put their personal privacy at risk by registering in different portals. The dictionary gives the following definition for securing personal data: data security refers to protective digital privacy measures that are applied to prevent unauthorized access to computers, databases, and websites. Data security protects data from corruption. It is an essential aspect of IT for organizations of every size and type. Data security is similar to information security (IS) or computer security.

Besides collecting information about payments, passwords or other data to conduct business online, companies also collect such information as browsing history, demographics, etc. If businesses collect some personal data, they must protect it.

Reasons for securing personal data

Businesses and individuals should secure their data for lots of reasons. Nowadays consumers do not feel comfortable using sites which do not take proper security measures. For example, one does not want to do online shopping because he/she thinks the retailers are not doing enough to secure their personal data.

According to BizRate Insights study, which was based on about 5000 online shoppers’ surveys, nearly 62 percent of online shoppers think brick-and-mortar retailers’ security isn’t ”strong enough” to protect their personal and credit card data. Nearly 60 percent said the same about the security of online shopping and 65 percent- about mobile transactions.

Take into consideration the expenses

Securing personal data may cost money, for example, you should repair the securing system. Businesses may face losses from transactions which the specialists might reverse, and consumers will not trust a certain brand because of bad publicity. This will result in lower sales. So, spending money on getting security on a company’s websites will keep the rating up. The benefits of paying for securing personal data may include more efficient processes.

Small businesses also need to be secured

You may think you do not need to secure your small business because it is not the target of hackers. Companies should remember that cyber attacks happen more often than they think. So, it does not matter, you own a small or a big business, you must secure all personal data.

How to secure personal data?

There are certain steps business owners and individuals should take to secure personal data. First of all, they should upgrade their sites. They need to switch their sites to an HTTPS server. Second, businesses should have some rules to secure a site and personal data. Second, all users should prepare to handle DDOS (a Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. It is important especially for business owners because these attacks mostly happen to companies’ websites. Businesses and individuals can avoid DDOS attacks if they start using a web host which is agile enough to resist the attacks.

So, securing personal data may be difficult but not impossible. Protection may cost money, but you should spend a certain amount to secure your and your workers’ personal data from hackers, DDOS attacks.




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