7 Ways to Boost Brand Loyalty Through Social Media

brand loyalty

To have a positive reputation, isn’t that what all brands want? In the digital age that’s more complicated to achieve than ever before. Customer reviews, questions, and concerns are just a click away. That’s why businesses should know how to utilize social media for brand loyalty.

If your brand is on social media, and it should be, then you’ll be exposed both to backfire and praise. Sometimes, social media seems severe and unpredictable, but is it? Not really, it just cooperates with those who earn it.

You know how millennials do it – if they can’t decide whether a brand is worthwhile they just hit to social media to find out. To help them determine, the manner in which the brand communicates with customers can be enough.

Building a relationship with customers is a long-term task. But if you chose that path you will be rewarded with a loyal customer base that will have your back. Let’s see how social media can help you with that.

Humanize your brand

Everybody claims to know this, but very few nail it. Why? Because responding to customers generically is easy while crafting each response individually takes time and effort.

If people follow you that means that want to know you better. This is where you will have to polish your voice for it to be authentic and consistent. Try to be witty, fun and recognizable.

Also, be specific. If a someone leaves a review saying they enjoyed working with one of your employees, don’t just say you appreciate their feedback, pen down something creative instead. Tell them a couple of cute facts about that employee!

Being human also means being transparent about your company. Let your followers know how your products are made and shipped to generate trust.

Create a community

A community that knows you and supports you. But first, you should put some effort into getting to know your audience to understand what can bring it together.

Here guesses don’t work. The best way to know someone is by asking questions and being responsive to their concerns. And in order to have an effect, you have to do it often.

A great place to start with is Twitter chats. Those bring together industry professionals, peers and just attract anybody curious enough. But don’t create a chat about your brand. Generate a conversation around a topic that would interest your audience. Twitter chats don’t just increase the number of followers but create impactfull and lasting relationships.

When you reach a point where you and your community are on the same wave, you have an army of brand ambassadors on the go!

Share value

In other words – don’t just sell. The main motivation behind your follower base isn’t to see your product over and over again. People would rather enjoy engaging with something beautiful, fun and educational.

The strongest relationship you can build with your customers will depend on how helpful you are. Do you share content full of tips? Realize the true value of content and you win. Your followers will thank you and won’t be able to resist and hit the share button.

Let the executives speak

A BRANDfog study found that 81% of people surveyed said they had more trust in a brand whose executives are using social media.

Going back to the point about the voice. It has to be a voice of a leader. So why not to get your senior staff in the game? It can demand little effort but will increase your brand’s exposure a great deal. Just take a look at what Elon Musk does for Tesla or Tim Cook for Apple.

With so much information here and there, people are looking for credibility. If the company CEO has a strong presence and is publishing content, the brand itself will gradually acquire more trust.

Reward loyalty

Once your exposure and sales are on the rise, it’s time to thank the customers who made that happen. Your loyal customers deserve a surprise!

Create a list of followers who constantly tag you on pictures, write splendid reviews, share your content and prepare something special for them.

Offer them exclusive content and discounts among many other options. This will take your word of mouth marketing by storm, generate more interest in your products and boost your reputation.

Run contests

People are crazy about contests, especially ones with awesome prizes! So first and foremost they will widen your customer base and in a long run improve your brand loyalty.

Since people love contests, they’re everywhere. So to become a game changer you shouldn’t run just any contest but approach the challenge with maximum creativity.

Many businesses rarely think of asking their followers what type of contests they would like to take part in. Be democratic with your strategy and your followers will appreciate it.

Consider organizing photo caption contests, essay contests and photo contests (especially on Instagram). For prizes, think of giveaways, discounts, free products and anything that suits your brand.

Social media is there to help you with every aspect of your business. Brand loyalty can become a foundation of your business and take you to the heights you couldn’t achieve on your own. In the end, it’s the customers who push your brand forward, so know how to make friends with them!

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