Apple Watch
And Again, Apple Watch Beats Rolex

Once again, the Apple Watch beat most major watch companies in terms of revenue. And the funny thing is that we are not surprised by the fact that the Apple Watch outsold,…

iphone x
Is iPhone X Apple’s Best Phone Ever?

There are certain real-world applications one must take into account: mass manufacturing and pricing being the big two. And what happens when you throw all that out the window? iPhone X happens.…

Typeform Raised $35M in Series B Funding

We fill out forms online and on mobile every day. And frankly, it is an annoying but necessary experience. For that reason, Typeform, a new startup based out of Barcelona, has raised…

political ads
Facebook Sold More Than $100,000 in Political Ads

Facebook is out with some juicy new details. Given the public’s intense interest in all things, Russian is the fact that potential pro-Kremlin entities apparently purchased as much as $150,000 in political…

Tech giants
What you need to do to work for Tech Giants?

I know that Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, and many other tech giants are your dream-working environments. You are constantly checking the vacancies suitable for you but do not feel as confident and…

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