Blasingame’s Three Laws of Aggregation for Small Business

Blassingames Three Laws of Aggregation

They say that in order for a tree to be strong and healthy it needs to have strong and healthy roots. The same works for businesses: you got to have a strong ground in order for your business to survive and blossom. Blassingame’s Three Laws of Aggregation are all about that. Let’s go through a road map to get a clearer picture in our minds about what is at the bottom of the jar.

Do you know what Sakrete is? It is one of the handiest products that was ever developed. You basically stir it in water. Then apply it to your small construction project. After, you wait a little while. And ta-da-da-dam: you have got real concrete supporting your construction. So Sakrete is basically a bag of rocks and sand. It is an aggregation of Portland cement, sand, and different size gravel. But somehow, it can magically bring everything together and manage to hold it all quite alright.

So you are probably thinking now, “what does this have to do with my small business,” right? Well, there are two things to consider: chemistry and aggregation.


By now you probably got how Sakrete creates concrete which holds your construction stronger than anything else. The part to consider is when components of Sakrete come in contact with water because that is when the magic happens. Now project this idea on your small business. In the marketplace, productive and strong chemistry between people and the organization is critical for sustaining successful performance. And even in any type of person-to-person relationships: right chemistry is all you need. And chemistry is a natural law: you can’t force it to disappear when it is present and you can’t bring it to life when it is not.


Unlike chemistry, aggregation is not a natural law: it requires maintenance. Sakrete doesn’t just aggregate the correct combination of stuff. Different sizes of masonry materials can be part of it too. And it is not like the smaller pieces are better and the bigger pieces are wrong: you need all of them. The larger pieces provide critical mass and structure. On the other hand, the smaller ones bind everything together, lightly fill in the empty gaps, because you don’t need weak spots. In fact, you want everything else but weak spots. You can’t force chemistry but you can have some say when it comes to aggregation, that is why there are no Blasingame Laws of Chemistry and there are Blasingame three Laws of Aggregation.

Blassingame’s Three Laws of Aggregation

Interested to know how you can imply the magical Blasingame three Laws of Aggregation to your small business? Let’s continue moving on the road map.

1st Law of Aggregation

Find your success in aggregating the success of your employees

Can you give secondary importance to your own ego and help your employees to be successful themselves? That is how the leaders sustain success year after year do. Celebrating others first is what Blasingame’s first law of aggregation is all about. And after you do that, you can aggregate their success stories for the benefit of your company.

Think of this as a servant leadership. If you are not familiar with the term, then you should know that Robert Greenleaf invented it in one of his books. Can you guess what was the name of the book? Well, not to sound too cheesy, it was “Servant Leadership.” But if we walk backward a bit to the ancient Chinese wisdom of I Ching we would know that the concept was already invented. “The highest type of ruler is one of whose existence the people barely aware.” Pretty deep, isn’t it? And not to forget, Mark, who was his gospel, quoted Jesus, “Whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant.” So, think about these great people when you are bossing around in your “covered with too much paper” office.

2nd Law of Aggregation

Aggregation prevents aggravation

While aggregation may mean something else while cooking pesto sauce: trying to put the right amount of everything to create that magical taste that brings joy to your stomach, it may mean something else in the business. Aggregation is also known as strategic alliances. And small businesses must build them with other organizations, especially with big ones, in order to survive. However, you got to be very careful here in order to not go over the line. Managing threats and taking advantage of opportunities without strategic resources are, well, aggravating at least. But they can also be dangerous for your small business. So you got to compare the values of forming a strategic alliance with a certain organization that already has what you need. And do it before you risk the expense and possible delay of exploiting the ownership of that resource. If you are going to make a strategic alliance, at least take the time and make sure it is strategic.

3rd Law of Aggregation

Associate your brand with those that are more established

You must know how important brand association is. It is how your customers perceive your brand: it is what feelings they get, what imagines they see in their brains when thinking about your brand. Brand aggregation is smart aggregation. However, when you are a small business, it is not that easy to have a brand association that easy that soon. You have to step up your game to earn the right to that level of aggregation. But what you can do is you can make your customers associate your brand with those that are most established.

This is called the “Forrest Gump Strategy.” So you are developing strategic alliances, right? When you are doing that you got to look for partners with brand and influences that have a higher recognition factor than yours. So you make nice with big brands, that is good. If you can arrange for that relationship to include your brand being presented in the marketplace alongside theirs, you will complete the Blasingame’s three Laws of Aggregation.

There are thousands of rules and laws that you can follow in order for your small business to succeed. Blassingame’s three Laws of Aggregation gives some ideas that would definitely work in real life. If you have your small business then go ahead and try them out. And if you don’t, there are some small business ideas for Millennials. If you have the drive inside, don’t let the wind stop you. After all, it is just a bag of rocks and sand.

Armen Margarian

Armen Margarian is an attorney with The Margarian Law Firm.

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