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besafe startup founder Aram Jivanyan

Most teams use cloud-based storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive to store/share documents, and Slack and/or Skype to chat and conference. But what is a cloud?

While it might sound a bit harsh, there is no cloud, it’s just someone else’s computer!

Regardless what kind of a tool you are using in your daily working routine, all your data is being stored somewhere. So, what to do to secure data when using cloud-based storage or a third-party collaboration tool? Aram Jivanyan and his team at BeSafe have come up with a great solution.

What BeSafe does is to ensure that security travels with your data. And while other encryption techniques might be really hard to understand, BeSafe is easy enough. Even your Mom can use it. The simplest steps to use the technology are here:

  • Download and install BeSafe
  • Enter and verify your email
  • Right click on any file you want to secure and press “Encrypt”
  • Click “Grant new access” and type the recipient’s name
  • Send your file via whatever channel you want (Dropbox, Slack, etc.)

Easy, right? No need for password or certificate management. Encrypting files with BeSafe helps protect your data from hackers, avoid phishing and ransomware attacks, eliminate data leakage through public shareable links (like Google Drive files). It also enables you to remotely destroy data on stolen devices.

A bonus

Apart from offering high-level data security, BeSafe has got a small gift for those who always lose online files. Now, you can search for your files in encrypted cloud data. This is a unique functionality that is usually overlooked by other industry players.

An innovation

Though they currently have an easy-to-use and innovative encryption technology, the team keeps on generating fresh new ideas. The latest innovation is the so-called File 2.0 or the new generation file. This is a cooler version of pdf. Except being wrapped around its own security, the file also offers:

  1. Access control: only you can granularly manage access to the file, limit download and print operations, enable one-time or time-limited access and much more.
  2. Enhanced visibility: you can track who viewed each page of your file, when and for how long.
  3. Interactivity/Branding: you can add brand colors, images, logos or even animations to the file cover.

Let’s imagine a scenario where you have to send a business document; a training kit, legal paperwork, or anything else. You want to make sure that the right person gets access to the docs. Also, you want to make sure they actually READ the documents you are sending. With its access control and enhanced visibility features, BeSafe ensures both.

Who is this for?

Individuals and teams either small or big might use encryption and new generation files. If you are working on something important (and this is usually the case), you do not want a stranger to access your files, right? One more important thing here is that BeSafe can help encrypt anything anywhere. So, if your team is using a private cloud, no worries: BeSafe can be integrated with any such cloud.

How do they attract customers?

With millions of new small businesses and startups emerging every year, it can be really hard to stand out from the crowd. With its unique solution, BeSafe mostly gains its customers through the private network. However, the team agrees that newly-established startups should focus on marketing as well. Digital marketing can help increase ROI especially if your company is based far from your target market and you cannot often interact with it directly.

Aram Jivanyan
Aram Jivanyan. Cryptographer, CEO & Co-Founder of BeSafe | Photo by Anna Aria

About the team

The founding team consists of the co-founder and CEO Aram Jivanyan who is a cryptographer by profession and co-founder and CTO Azat Manukyan. The team, whose expertise you can trust with no further hesitation, is thus armed with research data and years of industry experience.

For your reading

Aram recommends to read the following books:

  • Horowitz, Ben (2014) The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers. HarperBusiness.
  • Roberts, G.D. (2003) Shantaram. Pan Macmillan.

For users

Online safety is paramount since you do not want to become a victim of the next data leakage. And if you are still asking yourself whether you really need to encrypt all the files in your device, my answer is a definite “Yes.” While some files might not be as important as others, an easy-to-use encryption will make it smoother and more painless to safeguard the data.

You can download the product here.


  1. Love seeing these guys at Impact Hub Yerevan every day … they are often the first to arrive and the last to leave … super hard working team, really lovely people. Proud of you Aram Jivanyan, Azat Manukyan & Gegham Jivanyan!

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