5 Awesome Entrepreneur Movies You Should Watch

5 Awesome Entrepreneur Movies

It’s not so easy to start a business or to find a reliable co-founder for a startup. Sometimes, people have bright ideas but they do not know where to start and what to do. Usually, it’s a good idea to turn to a business lawyer. But if you think your idea still needs reshaping and reworking, then maybe you should read a few success stories. Or you can watch these 5 entrepreneur movies to help you get started.

Startup.com (2001)

This is a documentary about the rise and the fall of the so-called GovWorks.com startup. The film begins in May 1999 when the startup does not even have a company name. Tuzman and Herman, two friends who co-founded the company, are struggling to make it a boom. But things do not always turn out well. It seems that the two friends are not always on the same page when it comes to managing the budget or making decisions regarding the company. This movie is a worth watching one especially for young entrepreneurs who are just trying to do their first steps towards starting a business.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

This is one of the few movies based on a true story. The movie is about Chris Gardner who is constantly struggling for a better life for his son whom he is raising on his own. Chris has a dream and he never gives it up. He makes it through sleeping on the streets and in homeless shelters until his determination pays off and he becomes a Wall Street legend.

The Social Network (2010) 

The Social Network by David Fincher was released in 2010. It’s about how Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg creates the social networking giant Facebook. Everyone wanted to learn about the path that led a Harvard student towards becoming a successful business owner. And the movie appeared just in time to tell the story of Facebook.

This movie is about creating a successful startup and being flexible enough as an entrepreneur to endure difficulties and hardships. In addition, this is not a single perspective narrative. It rather involves different viewpoints. It even describes clashes and dueling truths. The story evolves around the creation of Facebook and how two brothers sued it claiming that Zuckerberg has stolen their idea.

Moneyball (2011)

This one is about creativity and figuring out how to make things better. The movie is about the Oakland A’s general manager who assembles a cool baseball team without money in his pocket. Still, you do not need to be a baseball fan to enjoy it. You will be thrilled to see how a person achieves success without listening to the naysayers.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) 

This one is another movie based on a true story. Of course, it is not the best film to teach you how to succeed in your career. The reason is that most of the protagonist’s actions are illegal and immoral. However, the way he achieves his goals feels so damn inspiring and motivational.

At the same time, the movie can teach lessons as to how NOT to pursue money and power. Also, if you are a Leonardo Dicaprio fan, then this movie is just for you since he is portraying Jordan Belfort. The story is about Jordan Belfort who managed to become a wealthy stockbroker. But who then fall really low as to be involved in crime and corruption.

A simple movie might help you rethink what you and your team are doing. Maybe it’s worth leaving everything aside for a while and watching a good movie that can teach you a lesson. Sometimes, it really helps to listen to others, to watch others, and to see what others did to achieve success. Watching entrepreneur movies might be the right thing to start with.






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