AppearMe, Uber for Appearance Attorneys, is Disrupting How Attorneys are Hired

Appearance Attorney

Today we have discovered AppearMe. It is amazing how the legal industry has been using the decades old method for finding appearance attorneys to cover hearings in various courthouses. The time wasted calling around or using old-school appearance companies is amazing. The billable hours that are spent on this matter is even more mind boggling. However, as always, entrepreneurs come to the rescue.

AppearMe – best described as Uber for Appearance Attorneys – is really set out to disrupt this old-school industry. Using its website and mobile apps, the company matches cases with appearance attorneys in real time and within minutes. Here is how the software works.

Los Angeles Appearance Attorney
Attorneys Sign Up

It takes a few seconds to sign up and create an account. The company usually verifies that the individuals are actually licensed attorneys in a given state within minutes. Once verified and active, attorneys can receive and submit appearance requests through the system.

Create An Appearance Request & Submit

It takes another minute or less to enter your appearance info and submit it to what is becoming the largest appearance attorneys network. The system requires basic info like the case name, date and time, courthouse location and a brief description. Within seconds hundreds of attorneys receive email and mobile notifications about your case and get a chance to accept the offer to appear.

An Appearance Attorney Accepts the Case

The first appearance attorney that accepts the hearing will be your appearance guy/gal. You can view the individual’s profile, call directly, send a message within the system or use regular email to communicate. The whole process can take one to two minutes to complete and rest assured that your appearance is assigned to someone.

Logistics – payment, security…

AppearMe takes care of the logistical and financial aspects of the transaction. The payments are processed through Stripe, a payment processing gateway used by startups like Lyft and Postmates. The secure platform charges the attorney of record at the time the case is created. The funds are transferred to the appearance attorney when the case is closed and an appearance report is submitted.


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